Light Beam Shoots Towards Sky Thiruvannamalai Video

Mayan Pyramid Shoots Light Beam up

Yesterday,that is on 24 June 2020, around 630 pm I saw a Video clip showing a Light beam shooting up towards the sky,in Thiruvannamalai,which is famous for the Shiva Temple.This was posted in Twitter. I did not think much about it. However, I received a whatsup message containing the Video Clip from my classmate. I tried to cross check the information. No information in Papers or in the web.

However,the audio portion seems to be Genuine and it is in Tamil.

This Shiva temple is one of the Panchabootha Sthalas,that is the Five Elements of Nature,Earth,Water,Fire,Air and Ether.

Lord Shiva

Of these five sacred temples , Thiruvannamalai represents the 🔥 Principle.Lord Shiva manifests as Fire here .

I am providing the video showing Lightbeam shooting up.

I have shared the video in Facebook and Twitter, seeking confirmation of the event and requesting people to check whether the Video is a Fake.

The explanations I received were, that the phenomenon could be due to Refraction; it is due to Convection during Monsoon;an Optical Illusion.I am not satisfied as the explanation does not seem to explain the phenomenon. Watch the Video.

I may add here that there are many instances which defy our comprehension. In fact I have a Board in Pinterest under the Name Beyond Us and I have a lot of like-minded people around the globe who share such information.

The Twelve Jyotirlinga temples form a Fibonacci Spiral.Seven Shiva temples are located in the same longitude.There is no landmass between the Dwajasthamba in Somnath and Antarctica. US soldiers on the trail of Ancient Aircraft,Vimana in Afghanistan disappeared.

There is a resonating Pyramid which beams Light and has a Third Eye. ‘

Black Pyramid Glwing Under Ultra Vilolet.

Black Pyramid La Mana Ecuador

It is interesting to find a Black Pyramid, with The Third Eye in the dead center that glows under Ultraviolet Light.

It is the Black Pyramid of La Mana, Ecuador.

I have posted articles on the migration of the Vedic People to the Americas and archeological evidence is piling up.

Nazca Lines of Peru, the relationship of Incas with Tamil of Mayas with Sanatana Dharma.’

You may Google the search term Plus ramanan 50 to read articles on these subjects.

Will someone clarify whether the Event is from Thiruvannamalai,( people from Thiruvannamalai may respond) ; whether the Video is authentic and not doctored; what is the explanation for the event? I have provided an image showing Lightbeam shooting up from a Mayan Pyramid. Source is Live Science.Will write on this.

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