Pestle Stands Unsupported Falls During Eclipse Peak

Thistle stands on Plate

Most of the customs followed in Indian households makes one wonder whether we are advanced at all. I recall the home remedies used by mother to cure most of the ailments,if not all of them. Be it the method of applying Slaked Lime,Chunna around the navel for difficulty in passing urine and irritation in the Genitals;the practice of giving watered down buttermilk with Asafoetida and salt for stomach upset; application of a paste of heated kumkum and Sambrani for Fever and Cold…the list is endless and I shall write as and when I recollect.

This is not related to only healthcare. Technic for viewing the Sun direct with the naked eye by intertwined fingers is one such practice I recollect right now.

Tamils have a hoary past and they were a very advanced civilization. Astronomy in detail was known to them as early as 12,000 years ago. This can be gleaned from Tamil Classics of Tamil Sangam Literature.

One of the practices is that of Making a Thistle,Rice Pounder stand either on the ground or in a plate where a mixture of Kumkum and Slaked Lime was dissolved in water.

The Thistle,called as உலக்கை, is kept when the Surya or Chandra Grahan,that is Solar or Lunar Eclipse is about to begin. The Thistle stands erect till the Eclipse reaches its peak and promptly falls down immediately as soon as the Peak is reached.

This was done in Tamil Nadu during the Solar eclipse on 21 June,2020. Watch the videos.Explanation that it is due to surface tension does not carry as I have tried to keep the Thistle straight.

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  1. Sorry to correct you – it should be a ” PESTLE ” – not a “Thistle ” : Thistle is a floss – like flower ; a Pestle is the [ in Tamizh ] ” Ulakkai ” to be used on a Mortar .


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