Light Beam Shoots Towards Sky Thiruvannamalai Video

with a mysterious "light beam" emerging from the top. (Image credit: Hector Siliezar)

The Twelve Jyotirlinga temples form a Fibonacci Spiral.Seven Shiva temples are located in the same longitude.There is no landmass between the Dwajasthamba in Somnath and Antarctica. US soldiers on the trail of Ancient Aircraft,Vimana in Afghanistan disappeared.

Bicycle In Temple Sculpture 1000 Years Ago Anamoly Panchavarneswara Worayur

One can find a sculpture of a Man riding a bicycle in Panchavarneswara temple Urayur.

This temple contains inscription during King Rajarajan.

He is currently assigned 1010 AD.

However the temple is reported to have been built by Kochenganan,who ruled much earlier.

He also built the Akhilandeswari Temple at Thiruvanaikkaval.

Inverted Temple Tower Image in Temple Wall Pinhole Camera Virupaksha Hampi

Virupaksha Temple Hampi

Temple tank colour changes from white to black once in fourteen days,

Temple tank where one can not see the others taking bath in the opposite bank,

While the corridors are on par with outside temperature,one room is cooler,where there is no window or the ceiling higher than the other places in the temple.

Musical pillars,

I can keep on adding.

There is yet another Temple where the Gopuram,the temple tower’s Image is seen inside the temple wall in an inverted form.