Leaning Temple of Rateneshwar, Varanasi

One of the most extraordinary objects to be witnessed at Benares and which is generally one of great curiosity to the stranger, is a pagoda standing in the river, there is nothing to connect it with the shore. The whole foundation is submerged, and two of the towers have declined so much out of the perpendicular as to form an acute angle with liquid plain beneath them….It has been surmised

Siva Color Change Timings Directions Panchavarneswara Thirunallur

6 am to 8.24 am Copper. 8.25 am to 10.48 am Pink 10.49 to 1.12 pm  Molten Gold 1.13 to 3.36 pm. Emerald Green 3.37 pm to 6 pm. Indescribable Color .

Gangaikonda Chozhapuram Temple Architectural Marvel

Light Beam Shoots Towards Sky Thiruvannamalai Video

The Twelve Jyotirlinga temples form a Fibonacci Spiral.Seven Shiva temples are located in the same longitude.There is no landmass between the Dwajasthamba in Somnath and Antarctica. US soldiers on the trail of Ancient Aircraft,Vimana in Afghanistan disappeared.

Shiva Linga Absorbs Oil Five Leaves Bilva Thiruneelakkudi Neelakanteswara

There is yet another temple where the Shiva Linga absorbs entire Oil when abhisheka is performed.