Panchakrosha Shiva Temples Tirunelveli

I have written on the Panchakrosha Kshetras in Varanasi.

The Panchakrosha Kshetras are those where Lord Shiva is present in His Full Glory in all thins, both animate and Inanimate( Chetana and Achetana)

Traversing and worshiping these places in a single day brings auspiciousness and the blessings of the Pitrus,ancestors.

Shiva Linga Thiruppudai Maruthur

One Krosha is 1.3 miles(appx)  and the Pancha(Five) krosha Temples are situated with in  6.5 miles( Five Kroshas)

There are Four locations in India, where the Pancha Krosha temples are found.






Near Tirunelnveli.


Azhwar Kurichi,

Siva Sailam,

Kadayam and

Thiruppudai Marudhur.


It is located 60 km from Tirunelveli.

The Papanasanathar Temple the famous shrine in Papanasam which lies in the bank of Thambaraparani river where the main deity is Lord Shiva in the name of Papanasar (Destroyer of Sins).

The name of the Goddess is Lord Loganayaki who is also known as Ulagambigai.

This Papanasar temple is first among the NavaKailayams where the Navagraha known for this temple is Surya (The Sun). Papanasar is mainly known for his healing powers where he seems to be the medicine for any diseases in the world. He has the power to cure any diseases for his disciples who really have the love and affection on him.

The temple is famous for its Chittirai Peruvila where the Urchavam used to happen for 13 days. This is in memory of Saint Agasthiyar where he got the Kalyana Dharshan of Lord Shiva and Parvathy in RishabaVahana along with his wife Ulobamuthirai.

The body of Lord Papanasar is wholly and naturally made of Rudraksha who is also known as Rudrakshanathar. The old name of Papanasar is VairajaLingam.

The temple is open from 6am – 1 pm and 4-8:30 pm on all days except during festival days when it is open the full day. Six daily rituals and three yearly festivals are held at the temple, of which the Brahmotsavam festival during the Tamil months of Chittirai (April – May) and Thaipoosam during Thai (January – February) being the most prominent.

2. Azhwarkurichi.

Nearest Railway Station: Tirunelveli
By Road: Alwarkurichi is very close to Ambasamudram and about 35 kms from Tirunelveli and 25 kms from Tenkasi. Buses going from Tirunelveli to Tenkasi via Ambasamudram stop at Alwarkurichi.


Goddess.Sivakama Sundari

Temple Timings:

To facilitate those devotees coming from different parts of Tamilnadu and Kerala by various means of transport, the temple is open from 7 am in the morning till 7 pm at night. It is better to visit the temple during the day because electricity is not available in the evenings and it is a little difficult to enjoy the beautiful treasures of the temple in the dark.

Contact Details:

Narayana Bhattar: 97904 01895
Meenakshinathan  96599 66003


God : Sri Sivasailanathar, Sri Sailanatha Swamy , Sri Athreeswarar

Goddess : Sri Paramakalyani Ambal

Location :Sivasailam near Alwarkurichi, Tirunelveli District,Tamil Nadu.

Temple Timings 7 AM to 12:30 PM and 5 to 8 PM.


is about 20 kms from Tenkasi , about 16 kms from Ambasamudram and about 45 kms from Tirunelveli


Nithya Kalyani.

Morning – 7.00 a.m. to 12.00 Noon.

Evening – 5.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.

5.Thiruppudai Marudhur. ( 15 Km from Tirunelveli)


Gomathi Amman.

Temple timings.

5 AM to 11 AM

4 PM to 8 PM.

I shall be writing in detail about each of these temples.

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