PIN Comes Through Curved Bow Micro Drilling Krishnapuram

The technology the ancient Indians have adopted to build temples makes one wonder whether they were more advanced or we are!I

I am inclined to vote for the former.

Sculpture ,Krishnapuram,Tamil Nadu,India

The archaeological evidence being unearthed about ancient ruins throughout the world clearly proves that the ancients were not primitive and less knowledgeable than we are.

I have authentic information that our present rendering history of the world is distorted if not an out right lie.

I shall be writing with evidence found from around the world that there was no Stone Age as described now at the periods suggested.

I have written about the Temples of India , some of them over 5000 years old, which had used advanced modern technology and astronomy concepts.

There is a temple at Krishnapuram, Tamil Nadu where astounding scuptures that

are life size over five and a half feet,

Nerves are seen in the human forms,

All these sculptures were made from a single Granite stone,

In one statue, a leg, extended into air is two and a half feet , it projects from the torso and this sculpture is also made of single stone.

In the statue of Manmatha (God of Love) , a Bow of Sugar Cane, which is his weapon is found.

The bow, with its curved structure stands about five feet tall.

If one drops a Pin in the hole at the top of the bow, it comes out at the bottom!

In the Statute of Rathi, consort of Manmatha, one can find her cheeks puffed up swallowing Thamboola!

There are 42 such statutes in one hall alone.

One of the pillars represents the story of the adventure of Bhimasena with Purushamrigam. To fulfill the ritual at an important yaga, Yudhishthira required the milk of Purushamrigam, a half-man, half-beast denizen of the forests, this creature is a devoted Shiva bhakta and Bhimasena achieved his purpose when it was in deep penance. But it’s highly developed mental faculties found out the desecration committed by Bhima and it gave an angry chase.

Lord Krishna, without whom Pandavas would have been nothing, handed Bhima three stones, each of which was cast by him one after another. At each stone, a Shiva shrine sprang up and consequently Purushamrigam, being a sensitive Shiva bhakta, paused to offer worship to Lord Shiva and was consequently delayed in the pursuit of Bhima.

In spite of these efforts, the Pandava prince was captured when, with one foot already out of the forest, he was about to reach civilization again. Bhima could not escape the powerful grip of Purushamrigam and they both entered into an argument of jurisdiction and Purushamrigam, oddly enough consented to an arbitration of the dispute by Yudhishthira.

The latter took the responsibility for the whole act, granted the creature’s right to act as it pleased in the forest region, and offered half his body in lieu of that part of Bhima’s which was within the jungle when he was caught. Deeply touched by the devotion of Yudhishthira to Dharma, Purushamrigam freed Bhima and changed its cannibal.


How to reach.

Krishnapuram is 11 Kms from Tirunelveli, 40 from Thoothukudi and 47 from Tiruchendur.

Convenient lodges are available in Palayamkottai, the charges quite reasonable from Rs. 100 to Rs. 250.

Bus conveniences are comfortably available from Tirunelveli ,

Nearest railway stations are Seithinganallur and Tirunelveli. Airport Thiruvananthapuram and Madurai.

Perumal :     Venkatachalapathi ( Main Deity)
Mother Goddess :    Padmavathi
Procession deity :    Srivasar
Holy tree:     Punnai
Holy spring :    Teppakulam
Speciality :     Sculpture
Place:      Krishnapuram
Scriptural name:      Parpakulam
District:      Tirunelveli

The temple is reported to have been built in the 11th Century AD.


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3 thoughts on “PIN Comes Through Curved Bow Micro Drilling Krishnapuram

  1. Though I visited Tirunelveli, Thoothukudi or even Tiruchendur, I had no idea of these sculptures. Good information for future visit. Thank You


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