PIN Comes Through Curved Bow Micro Drilling Krishnapuram

The bow, with its curved structure stands about five feet tall. If one drops a Pin in the hole at the top of the bow, it comes out at the bottom! In the Statute of Rathi, consort of Manmatha, one can find her cheeks puffed up swallowing Thamboola!

Micro Drilling Technology Less Than 3 mm Thanjavur Temple

This technology is older than other ancient cultures like Mayas and Incas. The hole is also much smaller than any other ancient drills I have seen. It is also interesting to think about What were these holes used for? Whatever went inside must have been very thin and flexible because of the size and angle.

Micro-drilling Technology Ancient India Mahabalipuram

How did they transport it, considering the fact that they had only carts and Horses? And how did they move that single piece to the top of the Temple Tower? Please read my post on Thanjavur Temple, how it was built?

Lost Ancient Cities Of India

Each city , at the outskirts , had a small water tank meant for animals. A stone column was erected for the animals to relieve their itching! Such a civilization should have had great cities.

Universe In Temple Designs Hindusim Angkor Vat

The principles in the making of the universe are within us and the Hindu temples keep this point in constructing them. The Hindu Temples are built according to Vedic Principles of Cosmology and the physical structural guidelines are from the Vaasu Sasta and Agamas. One would temples, including cave temple of Gavi Gangadhara temple in Bangalore, have the Sun's Rays falling on the God's idol on specific days. Vishnu's Mathsya temple also has these feature. There are temples where the shadow of the idol falls at a specific pre marked space. There are quite a few temples and please check my posts under Hinduism. We have the Sun temple at Konark where one can find Astronomy being used in the construction of temple. We have the city of Jaipur built based on Vedic principles,