1200 Year Rama Temple Madhurantakam Ancient Than Ayodhya Ram

I shall share information on an earlier Rama temple, which is atleast 3000 years old and it is in Iraq.

Mortal Remains Without Chemicals Well Preserved 881 Years Sanctum Ramanujarcharya Srirangam

Sandalwood paste and saffron are used to maintain the body and no other chemicals are added.
Twice a year, a coat of camphor mixed with saffron, which produces ochre/orange tint on the preserved body and this tradition has been practiced for more than 878 years.

Maternal 🏠 Home Of Subrahmanya Kurukuthurai

Subrahmanya is the only God with the Sanskrit 'su' to His name, meaning the best.

The word Subrahmanya means Best among Brahmins.


Seed Does Not Grow Death With Right Ear Up Patteswara Temple Perur

Some temples have curative powers,

Some have idols that change colors

Some are Astronomically aligned,

Some have unique architecture,

Some have resonating Pillars,

Some have Unique Idols,front Male,back Female