Mortal Remains Without Chemicals Well Preserved 881 Years Sanctum Ramanujarcharya Srirangam

While the world is agog with Mummified bodies in Egyptian pyramids, many are not aware that the remains of Sanatana Dharma philosopher is kept in the sanctum sanctorum in Sri Rangam Temple,Tamil Nadu.

‘Vaishnava philosopher and guru Ramanujacharya original body preserved inside Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, Srirangam, Tiruchinarpalli since 1137 CE.
Sri Ramajunacharya was an exponent of the Sri Vaishnavism tradition within Hinduism.

Ramanujar body kept as Deity Srirangam

Ramanujar Sannidhi sanctum has his preserved bodyRamanuja’s thiruvarasu (sacred burial shrine) is the Ramanuja shrine (sannidhi) located inside the Sri Ranganathaswamy temple.
Sandalwood paste and saffron are used to maintain the body and no other chemicals are added.
Twice a year, a coat of camphor mixed with saffron, which produces ochre/orange tint on the preserved body and this tradition has been practiced for more than 878 years.

His physical body is preserved even today in a sitting posture in the Sannidhi (Sanctum Sanctorum) dedicated to him on the southwest corner on the fifth round opposite to Sudharshana Alwar Sannidhi, within the Srirangam temple Complex as ordered by Lord Ranganatha himself. The whole world is wonder struck at the feat of preservation of the mummies of Egypt and the body of St. .Xavier in GAO in India and make so much fuss about them. Many SrIvaishNavaas are not aware that here in Srirangam. their holiest place hailed as ‘ Bhooloka Vaikuntam’ ( Heaven on Earth) lies preserved body of Sri Ramanuja .There is no Thirumanjanam for this Idol. Yearly twice it is Thirumanjanam of Pachai Kalpuram and Kumkuma Poo (Saffron),

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