Siva Color Change Timings Directions Panchavarneswara Thirunallur

Address and Temple Timings.

Sri Kalyana Sundareswarar (Panchavarneswarar) Temple, Tirunallur-614 208, Valangaiman Taluk, Kumbakonam, Thanjavur district. The temple is open from 7.30 a.m. to 12.00 a.m and 5.30 p.m. to 8.00 p. m.

Panchavarneswara Moolasthanam

I had written an article about Panchavarneswara Temple, Thirunallur.There I had covered basic information. I am providing more details here as to how to reach the place as many people in the area , including those at Swamymalai, Kumbakonam, Thirukkadavur are not aware. This I experienced when I visited this temple last week.

Thirunallur Panchavaneswara temple details
Panchavarneswara Temple Thirunallur.
Schedule of Colour change in Siva linga.

Color change time.

  • 6 am to 8.24 am Copper.
  • 8.25 am to 10.48 am Pink
  • 10.49 to 1.12 pm Molten Gold
  • 1.13 to 3.36 pm. Emerald Green
  • 3.37 pm to 6 pm. Indescribable Color

The temple is in Thirunallur near Mayuram. One can reach the temple from Kumbakonam, Mayuram.It is about 20 minutes from Swamymalai. It is about three kms from Sundaraperumal Koil.

Contact for Darshan.

Temple Kurukkal is Sri. Ayya swamy.You may call him at +91 94868 13059.If you are unable to reach him you may contact Sri. Vinoth who runs a shop in the temple premises. His number 094436 68306/+91 94429 88445.

Sthala Puran, References in Thevaram,Thiruvasakam .

As per sthala puranam, Kunthi, the mother of Pandavas is associated with this temple.  She had incurred two very peculiar doshas.  As she begot sons through the Panchaboothas and abandoned Karna in the river, doshas got attached to her.  When she consulted Sage Narada ( some say that it was Romesa Rishi), he advised her to take bath in the seven seas ( Saptha Sagara) to get relief.  Kunthi expressed her helplessness as she was an old lady.  Then Naratha advised her to pray to the Lord of Kailash in the form of Kalyanasundareswarar at this place and He would provide further guidance.  Kunthi came to this place and started praying to the Lord. 
In the mean while, Narada brought the waters from the seven seas and mixed them with the Theertham of this temple and advised Kunthi to continue the Pooja after taking bath in the theertham.  When she did it, she got redemption.  As the waters of the seven seas are mixed, this temple tank is called Saptha Sagara theertham and it is believed to be as holy as the Mahamaga tank of Kumbakonam.  As Kunthi was born under the Magam star, a visit to this temple is suggested for those born in the Magam star.  There is an old saying in Tanjavur District ( Magam pirandadu Nalluril, Mamangam pirandadu Kumbakonathil- While Magam originated in Nallur, Mamangam is from Kumbakonam).  Thus, this temple is considered as holy as any of the temples associated with Mahamagam. Similarly pregnant ladies visit this temple and conduct bangle ceremony in the Ashta Bhuja Maha Kali shrine for ensuring safe delivery.  Devotees who wish to perform such special poojas may get in touch with the Priest through 93631 41676.
This is one of the rare temples where one can have darshan of the Lord at different times in different colours.  He changes colour every six nazhigais ( one nazhigai= 24 minutes).  It starts at 6 am with copper, then red, then golden colour and then emerald green.  From 3.37 pm to 6 pm, the lingam appears in a colour as desired/perceived by the devotee.  As He changes colour five times, He is also called Panchavarneswarar.  ( There is a similar named Lord in Uraiyur in Trichy).  The change of colour takes place only in the top portion of the Lingam.  The middle portion alternates between shades of green and blue while the bottom portion always remains black.
Sage Agasthaya is also connected with this temple.  We know the well known story of Shiva Parvathy marriage and Agasthya’s travel to South to balance the earth.  When he reached this place, he wanted to see the wedding pose of the Lord and the Mother.  He installed a lingam by the side of the main deity ( which was known as Sundaralingam) and started worshipping.   The Lord showed the wedding scene to the sage and hence He is called Kalyanasundareswarar and the Mother, Kalyanasundari.  The Lingam worshipped by Agasthya could be seen on the right of the Main Lingam in the sanctorum and both the Lingams stand on a single platform (avudai), a very unique thing not seen in any other temple.  Behind the Lingam, we see Shiva and Parvathi in wedding dress in sitting posture.   These two Murthis are in Sudhai form.  In the sanctorum we also see Brahma on the right of Shiva ( officiating priest) and Vishnu on His left ( brother of the bride).  Hence in the same Moolasthanam, we get the darshan of not only the Trimurthis but also the Mother.  Readers may bring to my notice if there is any other temple having this unique congregation in the Moolasthanam.
There is also another legend that when there was a contest between Vayu and Adiseshan regarding their respective strengths, the former blew away two of the peaks from Kailash and one of them fell here ( Sundaragiri) and the other one fell in Aavur.  The Lord appeared here as a Swayambu below the Vilva tree and He is called Sundaralingam.

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