Koothanur Saraswati Temple By Tamil Poet Darshan Contact Details

Koothanur is the birthplace of the Tamil poet Ottakoothar. There is another reason for the name of this place which is Rajaraja Chola II gifted this village for koothan's poem because he is a great poet. So this village is called Koothan + oor = Koothanur. In India, Koothanur became an important tourist spot

Siva Color Change Timings Directions Panchavarneswara Thirunallur

6 am to 8.24 am Copper. 8.25 am to 10.48 am Pink 10.49 to 1.12 pm  Molten Gold 1.13 to 3.36 pm. Emerald Green 3.37 pm to 6 pm. Indescribable Color .

Temple Where First Embryo Fell Karuvi Shiva Temple

I have written on colour changing Siva in Virupaksha temple, Karnataka and another one in Tamil Nadu.

I will be writing on one such temple near Chennai.

Now there is a Shiva Temple near Myladuthurai,Tamil Nadu.

Kumbakonam Western Gateway Dated 23000 BC

But Trade was also carried out through  western ports on the Arabian sea.

Chera kings used this route.

But for the Chola's,whose Ports were in the East,had to reach the western ports .

And they used Kumbakonam as the Entry point to the western Ports.

The early Chola,Karikal Valavan held Court in Kumbakonam.