Temple Where First Embryo Fell Karuvi Shiva Temple

Temples in India have history dating back to thousands of years.

Ancient history is called Purana in Sanskrit.

Puranas are of two kinds.

One is Main Puranas and another is

Minor,called Upa Puranas.Thete are eighteen Puranas.

Apart from this each temple had its history,called sthala Purana, history of the place.

There are over 33000 temples in Tamil Nadu under the HR & CE department of the Government.

These are mainly old temples.

During the course of my writing this blog, researching Indian History, I have,to my surprise,found that the information,events provided in the Puranas and the two Ithihasas, Ramayana and Mahabharata tally and there is no contradiction!

Unfortunately,most of the temples built by our ancestors have been demolished by Islam and British invaders, rulers.

Those that survived were neglected by the Secular Government,which ,in essence means destroying Hinduism.

Many grand ancient temples are facing ruin.

I propose writing on these so that we can restore them.

I am of the view that we need not build new temples and can concentrate on restoration of these grand temples,we will be restoring History.

Those who have information on such temples may forward me details with photos and contact number of the Temple Gurukkal or the administrator.

The information will be gratefully acknowledged in the article.

I have written on colour changing Siva in Virupaksha temple, Karnataka and another one in Tamil Nadu.

I will be writing on one such temple near Chennai.

Now there is a Shiva Temple near Myladuthurai,Tamil Nadu.

This temple is reported to be the place,where the First Embryo fell on the earth.

The original name in Tamil is Karuvizhundhanadhapuram.


Means place where the Embryo Fell.

The temple is in a dilapidated condition.

A Gurukkal comes from a nearby and performs Pooja.

How to reach .

By Air. Thiruchirapalli.

By Train.Myladuthurai/Kumbakonam.

By Bus,Car.From Myladuthurai to Poompuhar road,one has to take a turn in the Chavadi koottu road,(Four road Junction), before The place Karuvi.

One would find a small road towards the temple.

Information , image from.


This site contains information on such temples and the author is doing a great service.


4 responses to “Temple Where First Embryo Fell Karuvi Shiva Temple”

  1. thereis a temple in tirunelveli dist which is dilapidated and half gopuram there. Inscriptions are there . there are lakshmi naraynan, siva, Anjaneya , garudan, vishwaksenar are ther , The local teacher has spent from his pocket for a steel gate . all the statues arein good condition all surrounded by karuvel aram water sucking trees. there was pond dry now ,I am told that the temple elephant statues are thrown in the bushes , No people anywhere near . Approx 400 yrs old. serpents are there in the bushes . plenty of parrots in the mottai gopuram


  2. Dear Sri Ramani,

    Thanks for the blog on கருவி சிவன் , கருவிழுந்தநாதபுரம் , Embryo temple , India . I have not been to this area, so I was not aware of this 400 years old temple (according to this article). It is interesting in its feature and about the faithful old temple keeper. I read every one of your posts, I hope to do so for a very long time. மிக்க நன்றி.

    நளினி பிரஸாத் (Mrs. Nalini Persad)


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