Ozone Layer Painting in Meenakshi Amman Temple Verified

The reference by the court is unclear. The chakra that is mentioned has nothing connected to Ozone layer. The Learned judge should clarify. There is no reference to Ozone layer as such to my knowledge of Ithihasas,Purans and in ancient Tamil literature.

Koothanur Saraswati Temple By Tamil Poet Darshan Contact Details

Koothanur is the birthplace of the Tamil poet Ottakoothar. There is another reason for the name of this place which is Rajaraja Chola II gifted this village for koothan's poem because he is a great poet. So this village is called Koothan + oor = Koothanur. In India, Koothanur became an important tourist spot

Gangaikonda Chozhapuram Temple Architectural Marvel

Tamil Nadu Govt Advertises To Acquire Temple Land .Raise Objection

Observing that temples in Tamil Nadu are not only a source of identification of the ancient culture but also a testimony of pride and knowledge of the talent in the fields of arts, science and sculpture, the Madras High Court on Wednesday said the state government cannot use temple lands for any purpose other than for holding Religious functions.

Freeing Temples Nonsense? Minister Sadhgurus Stand My Reply

Sample. During mensuration, where will Madurai Meenakshi be and what will she do? What about Theetu? On Sri Renganathar , Srirangam. ' When will the day come to blow you away with canon?