Rajendra Chola Epigraphs Thiruloki Temple Destroyed

Rajaraja Chola and Rajendra Chola having been ardent Followers of Hinduism. In their zeal, they have also destroyed critical evidence in the form of Epigraphs which have recorded the victory of Rajendra Chola(

Tamil Nadu Govt Advertises To Acquire Temple Land .Raise Objection

Observing that temples in Tamil Nadu are not only a source of identification of the ancient culture but also a testimony of pride and knowledge of the talent in the fields of arts, science and sculpture, the Madras High Court on Wednesday said the state government cannot use temple lands for any purpose other than for holding Religious functions.

Cholas From Surya Vamsa Rama’s Dynasty Copperplate Evidence

His son was Daushyanti (i.e., born of Dushyanta) Bharata.To him was born a son named Chola after whom the Solar race on this earth became illustrious

World’s First Mental Hospital by Rajendra Deva Rajaraja Chola Grandson 1100AD.

A doctor

A surgeon

2 male nurses who brought herbs and firewood, and prepared medicines

2 female nurses who administered doses of

Bangalore Was Vengalur Madivala Chola Inscription

This temple was built by Rajaraja Cholas who built the Thanjavur Big Temple, an architectural marvel, in Tamil Nadu.

The inscription also mentions the name of Bangalore as Vengalur .