First Chola King From Kasyapa Gotra Manu Dynasty.

I had posted an article that the Tamil Chola Kings were the descendents of Lord Rama’s Ikshvahu Dynasty and posted the list of Kings.

I have come across information on the origin of the term ‘Chola’ and the founder of Chola Dynasty.

There seems to have been three distinct Cholas.

King Rajaraja Chola

1.The Pre Sangam Cholas belonging to Ikshvahu Dynasty.

2.The later Cholas, of whom the Great Rajaraja Chola was one.He built the Thanjavur Brahadeswara temple  and established an Empire extending from the Godavari Basin in the north to Sri Lanka,then called Elam.( Fifth century BC to Third Century AD),

3.Rettapadi Cholas, who ruled in and from what is now called Andhra Pradesh.

The word Chola, according to Col.Gerini, is from the Sanskrit word Kaala, or Kola meaning black, indicating that the ancestors of the Cholas were pre historic Dravidians who were black.The word Kola became Chola, avers Gerini.

But Tamil Grammar does not lend to this view.

Another view is that the word Chola came from the word ,’Choozh,சூழ்’, meaning ‘surround.

The earlier group of the Cholas were possibly Nomads ,traveling widely in around Tamil Nadu and later when they formed a Kingdom, the term became Chola.

Scholars think, rightly so, that this explanation is quite labored.

There is yet another explanation.

The name Chola is the name of the Dynasty by itself,

The first King named, according to Kanyakumari epigraph ,, founChola Varman founded the Chola Dynasty.

Chola Varman started chasing Raksasa Rajanijaran, who assumed the shape of a Deer .

He chased the Deer and killed it.

Then he took bath in the River Cauvery.

On not being able to find a Brahmin anywhere nearby, he brought Brahmins from the north, provided them with lands and cows and ensured that they performed the Yagnyas.

The land became prosperous, the Tamil word for this is ‘ செழித்தது’

This word became Cholas .

Chola Varman’s successors stated using this term ever since.

Chola Varman is from the Surya Vamsa, Solar Dynasty( to which Lord Rama belonged).

He is the descendant of Manu.

He was from the Kashyapa Gotra.

This information is from the Kanakumari Epigraphs.

Many Tamil Scholars do not agree to this stating that one need accept information contained in the epigraph or Copperplates to be true because they are found there.

Second objection is that the narration of one turning into a deer is not possible.

The same scholars quote the same Kanyakumari epigraph to validate information on the other Cholas .

They also accept the Anbil, Uthiramerut epigraphy.

But when one finds a reference to Sanatana Dharma, they immediately find curious arguments to deny the facts.

The theory that Cholavarman founded the Chola dynasty seems to tally with my theory that Vaivastha Manu left from Dravida Desa to North because of a Tsunami to found Ikshvahu Dynasty.

I shall be writing another version from Thiruvaalkaadu Plates.

And that seems to be more credible and backed by cross reference to Purana list of Ikshvaku,Puri Dynaties.

Please read my post Rama’s ancestors Dravida.


First Rajaraja Chola by K.D. Thirunavukkarasu, published by Ananda Vikatan Press.

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