Lunar Dynasty India Chandra Vamsa of Mahabharata List

Indian legends speak of two dynasties that ruled India, Surya, Solar and Chandra Vamsa, Lunar Dynasty.

Lord Rama belonged to Ikshvaku of Surya,Solar Dynasty while the Kauravas and Pandavas belonged to Lunar Dynasty or Chandra Vamsa.

However, Vivaswan, the father of Vaivaswatha Manu of Solar Dynasty has been identified as Surya Deva (The Sun).

Chandra is said to to be a son of Atri Maharshi, (a son of Brahma) or of the ocean (Ksheera Sagara Mathanam).

Chandra’s son Budha married Ila the daughter of Vaivaswata Manu and their son Pururavas inherited Pratishthanapura.

Both these dynasties are related.

The Tamil Dynasty of Cholas descended from the Solar Dynasty of Rama while Pandyas from the Chandra Vamsa, Lunar Dynasty.

Chandra Vamsa .jpg
Chandra Vamsa , Lunar dynasty of India. Click to enlarge.


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  1. vthinktank Avatar

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  2. Smarth Avatar


    You must edit afer having written – “Lord Rama belonged to Ikshvaku of Surya or Lunar Dynasty while the Kauravas and Pandavas belonged to Lunar Dynasty or Chandra Vamsa.”


    1. ramanan50 Avatar

      Sorry.I stand corrected.Thanks


  3. thirumalai m Avatar
    thirumalai m

    straight and sharp


  4. Smitha Smitha Avatar

    Thank you for the info sir.Would like to learn the family tree of cholas and Pandyas.Am happy to see their mention in this blog.


    1. ramanan50 Avatar

      Please google tamil kings +ramanan50, the search term + ramanan50 for more. Regards


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  6. drshaileshg Avatar

    Are you alcoholic or just plane idiot or may be a crazy tamillian ?
    Chola in 12th century onwards were descendents of Surya vansh just as rajputs claim so?
    have you read actual ancient Indian texts or just dreaming ?
    Cholas are Chodra or Dravids who have been called Mlechhas means non-Indians in Purans…Pandyas are also Mlechhas just as are pallavs- all south Indians who intruded Bharat after 7\8th century from the middle east !!
    don’t dream ….!!!


    1. t s Muthuraman Avatar
      t s Muthuraman

      idiot , as per matsya purana , shradhadeva alias vaivaswatha manu was a dravida king who saved his family and the saptharishis in a boat from the pralaya as forewarned by matsya avatara of mahavishnu . his son ikshwaku established the surya vamsa and daughter ila started the chandra vamsa by marrying the budha deva ( mercury ) and giving birth to pururuvas . therefore both surya vamsa and chandra vamsa were dravidian and dark skinned . true to their dravidian origins both lord rama as well as lord krishna were dark skinned . since the kings and commons were progeny of manu ( the dravida king ) we are called manavas . but the saptha rishis also populated the earth as brahmins and thats why all brahmins have rishi gothra names .


    2. t s Muthuraman Avatar
      t s Muthuraman

      what are your ancient indian texts and what is the proof for their authenyicity ?


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