Bhagavad Gita In Egyptian Pyramid NOW With Private Collector?

# During my visit to UK in April 2019, I visited the Museum to check the information contained in this article. I was informed by the curator that the artifact was returned to the private collector. The curator informed me that he could not divulge information about the collector. In Leeds Musuem, I saw a Third Century BC Vishnu Panchaloka Idol. The curator was reluctant to share additional information except the date. I received information as comment from a reader as to where the tomb is. The comment. ‘ Jessica MAY 24, 2016 AT 23:52 EDIT 0 0 Rate This Mr. Ramani, Its Pyramid 2 in Egypt but the tablet was immediately taken to British Museum and no photographs can be found online)

Kingdoms India Vedic Pre Vedic Janapadas Over 200 ‘ Lands And People’

Normally the,Rig Veda is taken to be the oldest literary work of Mankind and it is dated around 5000 years back.

I do not agree with this as Ramayana is dated at 5114 and Ramayana and Puranas,which are earlier to Ramayana quote Vedas.

It is further confounded by the fact that Ramayana is mentioned in the Vedas.

(This is where the Time as Cyclic comes into play)

  Kartaviryarjuna Introduced Sanatana Dharma in The South, Dakshinapada

Later, the Sanatana Dharma practices entered in its full scope, amalgamating Vedic practices and the Dakshinapda Culture.

So essentially the Dakshinapada culture is a Unique belend of the best in Sanatana Dharma and Dakshinapada/Tamil Culture.

Seven Pehistoric Root Races,Lemuria,Atlantis Sanatana Dharma Details

Till date I have been able to confirm Lemuria,Sanatana Dharma,Hyperborean and the ancestry of Mayans,Incas,Aztecs,Sumerians,Minoans and Assyrians.

Looks as though there was a deliberate attempt behind the collapse of civilizations and the emergence of new ones.

I have stumbled on the Theory of Root Races,which are Prehistotic.

There are seven root races and many subraces.

Five have emerged and rwo yet to manifest.

It might look strange and not to reason.


The instruments of Knowledge and our concept of Time needs a relook.

This is necessitated by the emergence of Quantum Theory,Time warp and Multiverses.

I have written on these and other points mentioned in this article.

Please check under Hinduism/Astronomy categories in this site.

Shall write more on these and the sources of Knowledge and our modern day science.

The Root Races.

Ten Families Compiled Rig Veda Details Apri Suktha

These were grasped from Ether by the Realized Souls,Rishis.

So the Vedas were not composed, but compiled by different Rishis.

Of the four Vedas,Rig,Yajur,Sama and Atharva,the Rig Veda was compiled by Ten Families.