Kingdoms India Vedic Pre Vedic Janapadas Over 200 ‘ Lands And People’

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I am trying to trace Kings List of India from various sources,including Indian Puranas,Ramayana,Mahabharata,Raghuvamsa ,Kalhana’s Rajatharngini and foreign sources,Megasthanes,Periplus,Strabo from Greece.

The information is scanty because Indians considered History,along with subjects which are useful for day to day Life as Lower Knowledge,Apara Vidya and it is not worth pursuing for the Higher Knowledge,Para Vidya,that is the Knowledge of the Self is worth pursuing.

However information can be found if one looks carefully among various Indian texts and cross check.

Another reason is the systematic mis/disinformation about India by the Invaders.

Another issue one find is the Concept of Time.

According to Hinduism ,Time is Cyclic and not Linear.

Quantum has just validated this concept.

So fixing a Time frame is difficult for events relating to distant past.

However,I am attempting to reconstruct,knowing fully well,my information would need updating at regular intervals ,depending on new evidences being unearthed.

Normally the,Rig Veda is taken to be the oldest literary work of Mankind and it is dated around 5000 years back.

I do not agree with this as Ramayana is dated at 5114 and Ramayana and Puranas,which are earlier to Ramayana quote Vedas.

It is further confounded by the fact that Ramayana is mentioned in the Vedas.

(This is where the Time as Cyclic comes into play)

Kingdoms referred to by the Vedas are called Janapada,Mahajanapadas,.

These words indicate the transition period from Bronze to Iron Age.

That is between 1500 BC to 5000 BC.

This itself is incorrect as Ramayana is dated around 5000 years back and Ayodhya Kingdom was an advanced civilization and not one that could have flourished during Iron,Bronze Ages.

So the dates could be pushed further back.

However,on the basis of available evidence from the Vedas,the Land was classified into five regions and Janapadas,meaning People and Land.

  • Udichya (Northern region)
  • Prachya (Eastern region)
  • Dakshina (Southern region)
  • Pratichya (Western region)
  • Madhya-desha (Central region)

The Vedic literature mentions the following janas or janapadas:

The Puranas mention seven sub-divisions of ancient India

  • Udichya (Northern region)
  • Prachya (Eastern region)
  • Dakshinapatha (Southern region)
  • Aparanta (Western region)
  • Madhya-desha (Central region)
  • Parvata-shrayin (Himalayan region)
  • Vindhya-prashtha (Vindhyan region)


According to research by political scientist Sudama Misra, the Puranic texts mention over 150 janapadas:

Mahabharata mentions 230 Kingdoms/lands.

Reference and citations.

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