Seven Pehistoric Root Races,Lemuria,Atlantis Sanatana Dharma Details

Prehistoric races.image.

History is like a coy maiden,tantalizing,mysterious,revealing teasers but never the whole.

I have been writing Ramani’s blog for the past eight years to share what interests me and what little I know.

In the process, I have come across information about the History of World,Races,Languages and Religions.

The facts unearthed on the above subjects from sources around the world are interesting,mind boggling,mysterious ,yet probable and possible and above all disturbing though not confusing,at least to me.

Consider the following.

Civilizations around the world seem to have flourished ,reached their pinnacle and suddenly ceased to Be.

Lemurians,Mayans,Aztecs,Incas,Sanatana Dharma,Atlantis,Hyperborean.

The landmass where they existed, as verified by Geology, was different in their days.

Traces of these civilizations are found even today.

These civilizations were wuite advanced including what we call Advanced Scientific Concepts.

Next is Human migration.

Humans seem to have lived everywhere,yer their ancestry seem to be traced either to India and Africa.

Africans trace their roots to India,Madurai,Tamil Nadu.

Lemuria,the Home of Tamils dates back to 230 million years.

Thiruvannamalai,Tamil Nadu,India is 3.94 billion years old.

Tirupati,Telengana,India,is 2100 million Years old.

Jwalapuram ,Cuddapah,is 74,000 years old.

One finds the twin of Arunachala mountain,Thiruvannamalai in The US in Mount Sastha.

The Rog Veda was composed in the Arctic.

Rig Vedic Mandala city,the Seven holy rivers of Hinduism,Krishna’s son Pradhyumna’s city in Port Baijn,Russia,worship of Ayur Devathas in Sibera,Natural Vishnu Temple in Colorado,US,Shiva’s quadrilateral temple in Grand Canyon,Shiva’ Trinetra Dance in Australia,Shiva Temple in Petra Jordan,Shivalinga in Kaaba,Rama in Atlantis,Rama,Bharatha and Dasaratha in Somerian Kings List,….

A million year old site in Chennai,India quotes Vedas and Vedas quote Tamil and Tamil Kings,

Rama waged a war againt Atlantis,

Sumerian,Minoan,Assyrian,Mayans,Aztecs,Incas trace their origins to Tamils.

Bhagavad Gita verse is found in a Pyramid in Egypt.

Shiva’s city,Hanuman and Gadithgaja’s temple found in Central America.

Cameroonians speak Tamil,

Shiva’s Trishul is found in Peru’s Nazca Lines.

Sanskrit and Tamil seem to have influenced world languages.

All Indian languages of India seem to be,at least,5000years old.

Kannada Brahmi is a Million years old.

Tamil Brahmi is fiund in Indus Valley.

Tamil kings trace their ancestry to Solar Dynasty of Lord Rama.

Solar worship was practiced throughout the world.

European migration seems to have occurred from Asia and the period corresponds to the The Three Tsunamis recorded in Tamil Literature.

Yet the evidence of all these,though individually verifiable,fail to provide a continuum.

I have,with great difficulty,published a complete list of Solar Dynasty,Tamil Kings Dynasty from Prehistoric times.

Trying another track,I find what we call inventions today are merely discoveries and they seem to surface at some,it seems to me,specific period of Time.

Wheel is supposed to have been invented in the west.

Yet we find references to it Hindu Puranas,and Tamil Sangam Literature dated around 3000 BC.

Tamil Sangam period is at least 30,000 years old as revealed by the excavation of Poompuhar,Tamil Nadu.

References to the people of Atlantis are found in Hindu texts,as fair skinned.

The landmass ,as described in the Puranas,is verified by Geology.

This has impelled me to look for sources for the races .

Till date I have been able to confirm Lemuria,Sanatana Dharma,Hyperborean and the ancestry of Mayans,Incas,Aztecs,Sumerians,Minoans and Assyrians.

Looks as though there was a deliberate attempt behind the collapse of civilizations and the emergence of new ones.

I have stumbled on the Theory of Root Races,which are Prehistotic.

There are seven root races and many subraces.

Five have emerged and rwo yet to manifest.

It might look strange and not to reason.


The instruments of Knowledge and our concept of Time needs a relook.

This is necessitated by the emergence of Quantum Theory,Time warp and Multiverses.

I have written on these and other points mentioned in this article.

Please check under Hinduism/Astronomy categories in this site.

Shall write more on these and the sources of Knowledge and our modern day science.

The Root Races.

Every planet develops seven Root Races and seven subraces. Our planet Earth already developed five Root Races; it needs to develop two more Root Races.

After the seven Root Races, the planet Earth, already transformed by cataclysms over the course of millions of years, will become a new moon.

This entire Earth’s devolving and evolving life came from the Moon. When the great life abandoned the Moon, it died; it became a desert. The Moon also developed seven Root Races and each one of them developed seven subraces. The soul [of the Moon], the lunar life, is now devolving and evolving in our planet Earth; this is how the worlds reincarnate.

The Aztecs state that the human beings of the first Root Race were extraordinary, dark-colored giants. This was a very civilized, androgynous, asexual, semi-physical, semi-ethereal Root Race. Their individuals could reduce their height to the size of an average person of this present Aryan Root Race. Their rituals—as well as their wisdom—were portentous. Barbarism did not exist in their epoch; this Root Race was devoured by the Tigers of Wisdom.

The regent of the first Root Race was the God Tezcatlipoca. Each individual was a Master of Wisdom. Their reproduction system was effectuated by means of the fissiparous act; this is a system similar to that which organic cells use for reproduction, which is the process of cellular division. This is how the organism of the father-mother was divided into two, and the androgynous child was fastened to the father-mother for awhile.

The first Root Race lived on the Sacred Island situated in the north polar cap. That island still exists, yet it is in a Jinn state within the fourth vertical.

The second Root Race was governed by Quetzalcoatl; this was the Hyperborean humanity. The degenerated people of the second Root Race converted themselves into monkeys; these are the ancestors of present monkeys. They reproduced themselves by budding, such as the plants do: from their trunk sprout many branches. They were wiped out by strong hurricanes.

The third Root Race was the Lemurian race, which inhabited Mu, which today is the Pacific Ocean. They perished by fire raining from the sun (volcanoes and earthquakes). This Root Race was governed by the Aztec God Tlaloc. Their reproduction was by means of gemmation. Lemuria was a very extensive continent.

The Lemurians who degenerated had, afterwards, faces similar to birds; this is why some savages, when remembering tradition, adorned their heads with feathers.

The fourth Root Race was the Atlanteans and was governed by the Aztec God Atonatiuh. It finished with a great inundation. The pre-Columbian tribes of America are descendents of this Root Race, as well as the primeval Chinese and Egyptians, etc.

The fifth is the Aryan Root Race: we are this Root Race. The present Aryan race will end with a great cataclysm.

This cataclysm is perfectly described in the Ahau Katún, which is the 13 Ahau Katun, the thirteenth to be counted. Cabal lxbach Chachalaca town. Kinchil Coba, Chachalaca of solar face is the base of the thirteenth Katun.

The branch of the lords of earth will be black by the universal justice of God, our Lord. The Sun will turn away. The face of the Moon will turn away.

Blood will run on trees and stones. The heavens and earth will burn by the word of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost. Holy Justice, Holy Judgement of God, our Lord.

The force of heaven and earth will be worthless when the big cities and the hidden towns, and the great city Maax-Monkey and all the small towns everywhere in the flat country of Maya-Cusamil-Mayapán, Mayan-swallow-deer-banner, become Christians.

It will be the time when two-days-humanoids (homosexuals and lesbians) will raise, in the heat of lechery, as the children of the wicked and the perverse — height of our perdition and shame.

Our children will be offered to the May flower and there will be no good for us.

The rising Moon will be the beginning of death by bad blood, and on the coming of the full Moon, the whole of the blood will come.

The good stars will also show kindness to the dead and the living.

Until here we read what the book of the books of Chilam Balam, sacred jewel of the Mayan people, textually states.

Sixth Root Race: Koradi. It will exist after the cataclysm of the fifth Root Race; it will live on a transformed Earth.

The seventh Root Race will be the last one.

Now, it is necessary to talk about the seven planetary rounds.’


Root races are stages in human evolution in the esoteric cosmology of theosophist Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, as described in her book The Secret Doctrine (1888). These races existed mainly on now-lost continents. Blavatsky’s model was developed by later theosophists, most notably William Scott-Elliot in The Story of Atlantis (1896) and The Lost Lemuria (1904). Annie Besant further developed the model in Man: Whence, How and Whither (1913). Both Besant and Scott-Elliot relied on information from Charles Webster Leadbeater obtained by “astral clairvoyance”. Further elaboration was provided by Rudolf Steiner in Atlantis and Lemuria (1904). Rudolf Steiner, and subsequent theosophist authors, have called the time periods associated with these races, Epochs (Steiner felt that the term “race” was not adequate anymore for modern humanity)….’


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