Second Great Tamil Tsunami 13000 BC Chera Dynasty Silappadikaaram 9600 BC?

Therefore,both Ilango Adigal,Cheran Senguttavan may be anti- dated from the present Third century BC, to 11600 CE. And the Tsunami of Sangam priod,the Second one,which Silappadikaaram mentions must be earlier to 15,000 years ago.

Vedas Complied In The Arctic Why How By Whom ? Part 2

21.Vasi yoga is the predecessor of Patanjali's Yoga Sutra and this was revealed in the South by Shiva. 22.The Siddhas,the Enlightened souls, from the south had a distinct system of Shiva worship and they were aware of Vedas. Patanjali,Agastya and Valimiki were Siddhas and have wriiten philosophical treatises in Tamil. Valmiki mentions in his Tamil poem that he was a Vedic Brahmin. 23.The Avatars of Vishnu,(Parashurama,Vamana,Kurma and Varaha)took place in the south.Of these,Kurma and Varaha took place just after The Vedas were compiled. 24.The migration to north seems to have been necessitated because of Great flood in each yuga and Puranas/ ithihasas/Tamil classics assert this. 25.Thiruvannamalalai,Tamil Nadu is 3.64 billion years old and Jwalapuram,Cuddapah,Telengana,which houses Nataraja is 74,000 years old. I can go on adding.

Antarctica Land of Daksha Dhanavas?

Sage Agastya is found in Newzealand apart from in Lanka,Indonesia,Vietnam,Cambodia among other countries. Fiji has links with Manu and Manu's sculpture is in Fijian Parliament. Cambodia has a big Hindu Temple,The Angkorvat. Its design is based on Sri Chakra on its top. Thailand Kings have named themselves after Lord Rama. A Brahmin of Kaundinya Gotra from Kanchipuram,Tamil Nadu founded the Cambodia,Vietnam and Thailand. Daksha ,Father of Uma ,to iescape the wrath of Shiva hid in Antarctica. The Tsunami devored cities ancient Tamils speak of Poets'Conclaves held in the now submerged landmass of Lemuria/MU.

Sanskrit Latin Tamil Which is Older

Hence Sanskrit dates to at least 7000 BC. Therefore Sanskrit is older than Latin. Wait, there is some more information. Tamil.

First Chola King From Kasyapa Gotra Manu Dynasty.

Chola Varman's successors stated using this term ever since. Chola Varman is from the Surya Vamsa, Solar Dynasty( to which Lord Rama belonged). He is the descendant of Manu. He was from the Kashyapa Gothra. This information is from the Kanakumari Epigraphs