Second Great Tamil Tsunami 13000 BC Chera Dynasty Silappadikaaram 9600 BC?

I had written on Human migration stating that History of India stretches back to 1.5Million years in the light of archeological finds .

The site at Attirampakkam,Chennai,Tamil Nadu us dated at 1.5 million years.

Bhimbedka in North India,Edakkal cave paintings are dated 75000 years and about 100,000 years respectively.

Then Thiruvannamalai,India is dated around 3.94 Bikkion years.

Jwalapuram,near Cuddapah in Andhra,India is dated around 74,000 years.

There are many more ancient sites than Ramayana and Mahabharata.

(I have written on these sites.)

Acheulian stone tools which is about 1.51 million years old, have been discovered in Chennai near Attirampakkam. These stones were found by researchers from the Chennai-based Sharma Centre for Heritage Education.

The discovery indicates that early humans (hominins), used these tools. The tools are much older than those found in Europe. These tools are also found in several countries in South Asia, including India, Nepal, and Pakistan.

More than hundreds of different tools have been discovered from the Attirampakkam site. The most common ones are hand-axes, cleavers and small flakes. The stone axes are elongated teardrop or ovate-shaped with bifacial symmetry.

Unlike the hand-axes, the cleavers have broad cutting edges.

The fact that Lemuria existed and migration took place from the south of present India gets strengthened.

  • . 60,000 BCE – 32,768 BCE
    Human habitation of India.
  • 5,500 BCE
    Cotton cultivation begins in India.
  • c. 5,000 BCE – c. 1,500 BCE
    The Indus Valley (or Harappan) Civilization.
  • c. 5,000 BCE
    Evidence of religious practices in the Indus Valley.

Poompuhar,the famous port of Chola kings has been found and it is dated around 11,500 ago.

Taking into consideration the advanced construction of the remains found in Poompuhar and the richness of the Tamil language as revealed and found in Silappadikaaram,one of the Five Epics of Tamil indicate that the Tamil language should have been in existence at least five thousand years earlier.

This is a conservative estimate.

References to Tamil,Tamil kings are found in Sanskrit texts including Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Poompuhar evidence.

Most notably these other discoveries include a second completely separate group of structures fully three miles from the Poompuhar shore in water that is more than 70 feet (23 metres) deep. The lack of interest is surprising because to anyone with even minimal knowledge of post-glacial sea-level rise their depth of submergence is – or should be – highly anomalous. Indeed according to Glenn Milne’s sea-level data the land on which these structures were built last stood above water at the end of the Ice Age more than 11,000 years ago.

Is it a coincidence that there are ancient Tamil flood myths that speak of a great kingdom that once existed in this area called Kumari Kandam that was swallowed up by the sea? Amazingly the myths put a date of 11,600 years ago on these events — the same timeframe given by Plato for the end of Atlantis in another ocean.

Ilango Adigal who wrote Silappadikaram was the younger brother of the Chera king Cheran Senguttuvan.

The happenings in Silappadikaaram took place during the lifetime of these two.

Therefore,both Ilango Adigal,Cheran Senguttavan may be anti- dated from the present Third century BC, to 11600 CE.

And the Tsunami of Sangam priod,the Second one,which Silappadikaaram mentions must be earlier to 15,000 years ago.

Will be writing on the First Tsunami and the second in detail.

And the Chera dynasty to around 11,600 years ago.

I had written earlier with the available evidence then about the Kings List of Tamil Nadu.

This now stands revised.

Chera Kings List.

Imayavaramban Nedun-Cheralatan (56–115 AD)
Cheran Chenkutuvan (from 115)
Palyanai Sel-Kelu Kuttuvan (115–130)
Poraiyan Kadungo (from 115)
Kalankai-Kanni Narmudi Cheral (115–140)
Vel-Kelu Kuttuvan (130–185)
Selvak-Kadungo (131–155)
Adukotpattu Cheralatan (140–178)
Kuttuvan Irumporai (178–185)
Tagadur Erinda Perumcheral (185–201)
Yanaikat-sey Mantaran Cheral (201–241)
Ilamcheral Irumporai (241–257)
Perumkadungo (257–287)
Ilamkadungo (287–317)

Kanaikkal Irumborai(367-397).

That there were two Tsunamis mentioned in Tamil literature.The first Tsunami devoured the Thenmadurai ,in Lemuria.

The second one consumed Kapadapuram.

This is mentioned in Silappadikaaram thus.

வடிவே லெறிந்த வான்பகை பொறாது

பஃறுளி யாற்றுடன் பன்மலை யடுக்கத்துக்

குமரிக் கோடுங் கொடுங்கடல் கொள்ள

– நாடு காண் காதை.

The Tsunam devoured The river Pahruli and Kanyakumari,which was near the montain range.

Ilango Adigal’s Grandfather was Udiyan Cheralaathan and he was the first known king of Chera dynasty.(with available evidence now)

So we can date Silappadikaram,Ilango Adigal around to 9600 BC and Tsunami around 13,000 BC.

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