Gangaikonda Chozhapuram Temple Architectural Marvel

Temple of Kukulcan ( El Castillo).image

Chichén Itzá Chidambaram Nataraja Sanctum Identical

The term Maya itself may be from the word Maya, who is the sculptor illusionist of the Asuras( auras means one who is powerful-please read my post on this). He is the one who built the House of wax in the Mahabharata to entrap the Pandavas and he also built the Palace in Indraprastha,now called Delhi. ( Duryodhana, mistaking the Floor to be water, so well was the floor designed, fell to the ground, Draupadi laughed and Duryodhana vowed to get even with her for insulting him). The Maya word K’ultanlini refers to the divine power and has obvious similarities to the Sanskrit word Kundalini which also refers to the life power and the power of consciousness.

Temple Where Elephant Worships Shiva In Chariot

There is another temple in Tamil Nadu at Darasuram, where Indra's(chief of the Devathas) elephant worshiped Shiva. This is one of the major Temples built by king Raja Raja Chozhan, the others being Thanjavur Brahatheeswara Temple and Gangaikonda Choxhapuram. The sculptures are exquisite and Darasuram is World Heritage site.