Where None Dies of Poisonous Bites Severe Fever Vishahareswarar Paruthiyur.

There are temples in India which are belied to solve day to day problems and illness.

Vishahareswarar. Image.
Vishahareswarar, Paruthiyur Shiva
Vishahareswarar temple Paruthiyur.
Vishahareswarar temple Paruthiyur.

Temples for begetting children,

Relief from 💓 related ailments,

Fear of death,

Relief from financial woes,


Mind related issues,


I have written on many temples of this nature.

You may Google disease,problem +temple+ ramanan50.

For mantras for these issues, please Google disease+Mantra/cure +ramanan50.

There is a temple near Kumbakonam,Tamil Nadu for relief from poisonous bites and life threatening fever.

It is the Vishahareswarar temple,Paruthiyur.

Nobody is troubled by poisonous bites or dies of Life threatening fever in this place.

Sthala Purana states that Sun was distressed because of Eclipse and he got cured here.

How to reach.

Air. Thiruchirapalli.

Train. Kumbakonam.

Bus. From Kumbakonam.The town lies in the route Kumbakonam Nannilam.

Temple priest. Sri. Rajappa.

Mobile. 9943343031.

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