Farmer Shiva Temple Sun Rays Fall Thirukkozhundeeswara.

This type of worship is called Saguna Upasna, Worship of Reality with Attributes.

Lord Krishna explains to Arjuna that He(Krishna) appears and grants the wishes of His Devotees in the Name and Form He is addressed

Where None Dies of Poisonous Bites Severe Fever Vishahareswarar Paruthiyur.

There is a temple near Kumbakonam,Tamil Nadu for relief from poisonous bites and life threatening fever.

Temple Where First Embryo Fell Karuvi Shiva Temple

I have written on colour changing Siva in Virupaksha temple, Karnataka and another one in Tamil Nadu.

I will be writing on one such temple near Chennai.

Now there is a Shiva Temple near Myladuthurai,Tamil Nadu.