Parvati Awaits You Bhubaneswar City Of Thousand Temples

The History of India and it’s Culture is astounding and at times mind boggling.

Be it’s antiquity,its rich literature and customs, Culture.

Great Temples of India Burma and Ceylon .book page.Screenshot
Great Temples of India Burma and Ceylon . Screenshot.

And Temples.

I have been writing this blog for the past nine years on Hinduism, Indian philosophy , it’s traditions, literature, diversity,advanced scientific concepts in ancient times, it’s presence throughout the world and architecture.

And I have traveled widely in India, especially Temples.

But I was awestruck by a book written by a foreigner in the eighteenth century on the Great temples of India.

I have provided the Link to the book towards the close of the article.

I am humbled at my ignorance of my own Culture and Religion.

I have been under the impression that temples abound in South India when compared to North India.

And Kancheepuram,Tamil Nadu is called the City of temples.

And Kumbakonam.

But the city that had over one thousand temples is,


Most of the temples have been demolished by the Mughals.

What remains is only a miniscule.

To point,I have been able to find a list of about 54 Temples in Bhubaneswar now.

What happened to the others?

Will someone from Odisha enlighten me with a List of Temples?

I plan to write on each of them.

One must remember that Kalinga was a region dating back to 25,000 years.

I have written on this.

Some points o found in the Book I mentioned are quite new to me.

1.Bhubaneswar has more Shiva temples.

2.There is a temple for Yama and for Parasirameshwar.

3. The Bisveswara temple used twenty two ceremonies a day to the Deity.

4. In this temple, Shiva is informed at night before closing the Garbhagruha,

‘Parvati Awaits you’

I recall about temple accounts being read to Madurai Meenakshi Every night.

Information about temples requested.

We do not seem to know even the existing temples.

Less said about the demolished temples, the better.

Those who have information,photos of temples that were destroyed, I will be grateful.

It is our duty to keep our. Younger generation informed about our glorious heritage.

Check out the Book.

Great temples of India Ceylon Burmah

2 responses to “Parvati Awaits You Bhubaneswar City Of Thousand Temples”

  1. Thank you for this wonderful article about the temples at Bhuvaneswar. I agree with you that Bhuvaneswar is such a wonder place to do the worship particularly for south Indians. I was blessed once to visit this city and Lingaraj Temple is the most popular in Bhuvaneswar.


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