Farmer Shiva Temple Sun Rays Fall Thirukkozhundeeswara.

Though Reality is the Principle underlying the Universe,as the Vedas,the sacred texts of the Hindus declare,God with name an form is worshipped.

Indian philosophy understands the limitations of the human mind and it is difficult for the Mind to concentrate on Abstract Principle, Hinduism Devised , as the step,the practice of God worship.

This worship of God with name and form is the first step.

Once this method along with procedures laid down for worshipone slowly transcends this step of worshipping God with name and form and move Higher.

And ,even at this level,the Worshipped God appears with the Name and Form addressed.

This aspect,one is unable to explain.

This type of worship is called Saguna Upasna, Worship of Reality with Attributes.

Lord Krishna explains to Arjuna that He(Krishna) appears and grants the wishes of His Devotees in the Name and Form He is addressed.

So we have as many incidences and forms of Reality,God as human tendencies are.

Thirukkozhundeeswara Temple, image

Thirukkozhundeeswara Temple, Thiruththinai, Cuddalore.

God is worshipped as FatherMother,Son,Lover, Friend et al.

There are temples to commemorate these.

Rare is ,in fact the only one, the Thirukkozhundeeswara Temple,Thiruththinai,near Cuddalore,Tamil Nadu, India- Farmer Shiva!

A Devotee of Shiva,went to inspect this farmhands.

None of them were present.

An elderly man approached him .

The Devotee offered the elderly man food.

He refused stating that he would not take anything that was not earned by Him.

So the Devotee asked him to tend his land.

After sometime, the elderly man took food.

Immediately,the land was fully grown,with paddy ready for Harvest.

To the baffled Devotee Lord Shiva appeared with Plough .

In the Thirukkozhundeeswara Temple, the Plough is also kept along with the Shiva Lingam.

Sun’s rays fall for three days on the Shiva Lingam from 20,Panguni Month, Panguni corresponds to Around March in Gregorian calendar.

Another rarity is Chandikeswara is found with his consort.

How to reach.

Air. Chennai, Pondicherry.

Train. Cuddalore.

The temple is about twenty kilometres from Cuddalore.

Limited buses.

Advisable to travel by Car.


8 responses to “Farmer Shiva Temple Sun Rays Fall Thirukkozhundeeswara.”

  1. Yours is a great service. Though I passed through Cuddalore for more than 100 times, this temple details are not known. Thank you Sir.


  2. Sir, I shared the details in my Twitter account and in my Whatsapp Group. Hope that you will approve the sharing.


  3. Sir, can you suggest mantra for my 3 year old child who is deaf and dumb by berth. I want to avoid surgery and hearing aids


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