Height of Thirupathi Balaji

The Idol of Lord Balaji is shrouded in mystery.

There are references that the Idol is that of Devi,Murugan.

There are curious facts about Thirupathi.

Thirupathi is over 2100 Million Years old.

The temperature of the idol is at 110°F constant.

It is rare to find more than one Idol in the Sanctum, Moolavar.

Thirumala Hills resemble Lord Balaji’s Face.

In Thirupathi there are Three.

And the Height of the Idol is 9′ 9″

Nine feet nine inches.

There are different versions on the real and exact height of the statue of the Lord Sri Venkateswara. But considering the sculpture techniques based on Vasthu and numerics, it appears that the height of the statue of the Lord Venkateswara is 9′ 9″ (nine feet and nine inches) including the crown over the head. Further, the statue stands on a stone pedestal of 18 inches in height...
Considering the numerological pattern “9” holds the key with regard to the size of the statue including the crown portion over the head and the pedestal height of 18 inches. These are the marked features of the statue in terms of height based on Vasthu and numerology..

Reference and citation.


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