Tirupati Balaji Temperature 110 F Sweats Daily

I have written on  Unique Temples of India, which have special  special features.

Some of them are aligned Longitude wise, like Chidambaram, Kanchipuram and Kalahasthi,

Lord Balaji, Tirupati, India

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Temples where the shadow of the Murthi falls on the wall in the sanctum, where there is no source of Light.

The Idols change colors once in every one and a half hour,once in fourteen days.

Where Snakes perform pooja.

Crocodile guards the temple.

Where lord Subrahmanya idol sweats on the Kanda Sashti day.

Tirumala hill resembling the profile of the Presiding deity, Lord Venkateswara, Balaji.


The idol of Lord Balaji of Tirupati has a temperature of 110 F early in the Morning around 4.30 am when the Abhishekam is perfomed and He sweats!

‘The idol of the Balaji always maintains a temperature of around 110*F. The Thirumala Hills is in cold climate at a height of about 3000 feet. ABHISHEGAM(sacred bath) is done early in the morning around 4.30AM to the idol with Cold Water,Cold Milk as well as other DRAVYAMS. But immediately after the sacred bath fine particles of water,appear on the body of the idol just like sweating.The ARCHAKAS,PUROHITS, gently swap the sweating by pressing a silken cloth on the body of the idol.On allThursdays, when the ornaments put on the idol of Balaji are removed just before the commencement of the sacred bath they are found to be very warm.’

I cross checked the information with the traditional archakas who perform this ritual to Lord Balaji at Tirupati.

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Ramani’s blog Rare information on Tirupati Balaji


10 Replies to “Tirupati Balaji Temperature 110 F Sweats Daily”

  1. why is the idol of lord venkateshwaraswamy always in black stone, whereas the “Utsava Murthis” are in gold? Is there any reason or story behind it?


    1. Moolamurthys do not come out in procession.gold or Panchaloha murthys are used in Utsavar as God has the power to retain mantra powers.Agama system recommends only black stones, for Moolavar. stone


  2. Dear expert. How do you know that the temperature of the idol is 110 F. Also, which idiot would wipe sweat with a silk cloth. It should be a cotton cloth is it not to be effective. Well I am a Hindu and strongly believe that these stories are made-up and never make any sense.. Particularly when no one but the bloody VVVIPs are allowed in the front at the cost of a common man. It seems like God’s blessings are only for the ones with premium membership. The rest can take a hike. Hike is what a common man takes… Ha Ha Ha. I have nothing against the religion or the energy at the temple. But it is the management I am annoyed with. Mr. Balaji wake up. Humans are making a mockery out of you!!!!


    1. The temperature has been measured,As to the rest of the points you have raised, I totally agree with you, God is being commercialized even in Hinduism for quite some time ,Keeping the temple open a midnight, selling tonsured hair, mechanical chanting of the Mantras that too not in full are some of the other evils.I have written on this, Hinduism. has no hand in itm the charlatans have


      1. if the idol has a temperature of 110f, how the lord is decorated with flowers does not get dried up.


  3. Sir, lot of theories/stories are circulated that the idol on the hill is not lord Balaji. The original lord Balaji is not on the hill but it is down the hill. Is it true? Also the idol is made of navapashaana? Your views on this?


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