Ram Temples Before 4025 BC Thirukkoilur Srirangam Tirupati

Rama.As the date of birth of Poigai Azhwar is 4025 BC,these temples should have existed before
4025 BC

Thirupati Balaji Padmavathy Kolhapur Mahalaksmi History Verified

But the Kalki Avatar of Vishnu is slated towards the end of Kaliyug.

As we are in Kali 5119 , The Avatar of Venkateswara should have been after 3102 BC.

Does this information stand the test of History?

Mahalakshmi who was later to marry lord Venkateswara of Thirupathi ,as Padmavathy was from Kolhapur and she traveled to south, Andhra.

‘Lakshmi was angered by Vishnu’s action of placating Bhrigu who had kicked her place in Vishnu’s body and thus insulted her. She abandoned her heavenly abode and resided in Karavirapur (Kolhapur) on earth. After her departure, a forlorn Vishnu followed suit and took abode in an ant-hill under a tamarind tree, beside a pushkarini on the Venkata hill, meditating for the return of Lakshmi, without food or sleep…

A while later, a King named Akasa Raja who belonged to the Lunar race, came to rule over Tondamandalam. The childless Akasa Raja performed a sacr

Inside Thirupati Garbha Gruha 3 Venkateswaras And ….

Ugra,Srinivasa represents His aspect of unforgiving anger.

Many are not aware of this aspect of Lord Balaji,Srinivasa.

As much as He is known for His munificence,He does not forgive a forget a slight nor goes any of the dues to Him by the Devotees,uncollected.

If one has dues to Him ,like a vow taken to visit Thirupati or forgets to offer money if one has taken a vow to do so.

Normally the signal he is not pleased with you in fulfilling your vow to Him, is your getting inexplicable stomach ailments.

The solution is to fulfill your vow.