Invisible Rama Kills Visible Vaali Enacted in Sculpture

Lord Rama killed Vaali,who was fighting his brother Sugreeva,by hiding behind a Tree.


Vaali and Sugreeva were visible to Him , but not Rama to Vaali or Sugreeva.


This is the description by Valmiki in the Ramayana.


Can one recreate this on Stone exactly as described by Valmiki?


Yes this Sculpture is in Darasuram, Irawadheswarar Temple near Kumbakonam.


One can not see Rama from the pillar where His sculpture is, the pillar where the Sculpture of Vaali and Sugreeva are fighting.


But from the pillar where Rama’s sculpture is the fighting of Valli and Sugreeva are visible.


The sculptures are so vivid in detail one can see the Bows strings .

Rama aims to kill Vaali'jpg
Rama Takes Aim to kill Vaali.Vaali and Sugreeva are fighting
Vaali and Sugrreva Fight.jpg
Vaali and Sugrreva Fight

Readers form Darasuram, Kumbakonam may contribute more on this, specifically the Pillars.

10 Replies to “Invisible Rama Kills Visible Vaali Enacted in Sculpture”

  1. Dear Mr. Ramanan, I saw your site regarding ‘Invisible Rama kills vali’. With due respect I would like to point out that the photo put up in the site is not from Darasuram. It is found at Cambodia Angkor Wat complex in a place called Benty Serai. I had visited the place and taken snaps. For favour of kind information. S.Murugavel


    1. This point was raised earlier.I received information from Darasuram that the sculpture is there.I shall visit Darasuram and update.Regards.


      1. Checked in web site : the phoot/image that is there is NOT matching the one in your blog. The one in your blog is not from India. I had visited Darasuram and had taken photo of the same ( Sugriva vali fight). It is same as in the “poetry in stone” web site. Which photo in the web site you are referring to?

        Thanks ands Regards


      2. I recall having taken the images from poetry in stone. Let me recheck.As I am slightly preoccupied with some reseach work on Sanatana Dharma Shiva in South, I might repsond a liitle late,Meanwhile You may check and forward the appropritate the Image.

        You may contribute to the story with additional inputs


      3. Good to know that. Sanadanadhara shiva – topic is very interesting. Except a feast. Can you send me your email so that I can send some thing about the topic we are discussing off the block?


      4. Nearly a year back I wrote you. Could you able to find out the answer. In my recent visit to Darasuram I could not find it. May be in might have been in a different temple. I would welcome your views pl


      5. Please email me .I shall ask one of my friends who is near Dharasuram to send you details,


      6. To which e mail address I should send mine?


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