Kumbakonam Western Gateway Dated 23000 BC

But Trade was also carried out through  western ports on the Arabian sea.

Chera kings used this route.

But for the Chola’s,whose Ports were in the East,had to reach the western ports .

And they used Kumbakonam as the Entry point to the western Ports.

The early Chola,Karikal Valavan held Court in Kumbakonam.

Unique Roof Stone Drips Water on Shiva Linga 24 Minutes Thittai

Two stones “Suryagaanthakkal” and “Chandragaanthakkal” which are placed at strategic points above the Vimana are the reasons for the droplets of water which falls on the deity.

These 2 stones absorb moisture from the atmosphere, convert into 1 water droplet, performing a natural Abhishegam to the deity, every 24 minutes (1 Naazhigai), be it the day or night.

A small piece of yellow cloth (Dhothi) which covers the Lingam is always wet because of this. If one can wait patiently, they can view this amazing act.

Sarabeswara , Thirubhuvanam Sarabeswara Gayatri

The form of Sarabeswara is a combination of Shiva, Vishnu, Kali and Durga.

Praying for 11 weeks or lighting 11 lamps or doing 11 pradakshanams is recommended.

Temple Timings and Festival.

Temple Timings 5 am to 12 noon and 4 pm to 1030pm.

The annual festival is celebrated on Pankuni Uthiram day (April month) and thirukalyanam is done.

Festival for Lord Sarabeswara is celebrated annually.

During this festival, laksharchanai and ekadhina laksharchanai are done.