Unique Roof Stone Drips Water on Shiva Linga 24 Minutes Thittai

There are some astounding features in Indian temples.

The construction of a temple is very complex and it hs to follow well laid norms in the Agama Sastra.

Thittai Vasisteswarara Temple roof.jpg Thittai Vasisteswarara Temple roof.

In addition to this , many temples have special features.

Vasishteswarar ,Thenthittai.jpg Vasishteswarar ,Thenthittai

Rays of the Sun falling on the Idol at fixed time of the year.

Idols shadow touching the wall.

Idols changing colors at fixed time every day.

Temples being aligned in the same longitude.

Idol looking like one figure from the front and another from the back.

Idols growing.

Idol which feels like Human at our touch.

Shadow of the roof of the temple falling in its base(Thanjavur)

The list is endless.

Please read my posts on what is listed above and for more.

Now there is a Temple in Thittai near Thiruvarur, Tamil Nadu, India, where a special stone called Surya/Chandra Kanthakal( Sun, Moon Stones) is fixed in the Vimana,roof of the temple over the Garbha Gruha.

This stone absorbs moisture from the atmosphere and drips water on the Shiva Linga once in 24 Minutes.( Half Muhurtha)

Vasishteswarar temple is situated in the village “Thittai” near Thanjavur.

As the village is situated south of the Cauvery river, it is also called “Thenkudi Thittai”.

The presiding deity is Swayambootheswarar and the Goddess, Ulaganayaki. As the main deity is a Swayambu Lingam he got the name “Swayambootheswarar”.

The main deity is also called as Vasishteswarar as he was worshipped here by Saint Vasishtar.

The unique feature of this temple is that a drop of water falls on the Shiva linga every 24 minutes from the ceiling.

This is because of a very special stone called Chandrakanth kept on the roof.

This stone absorbs moisture from the surrounding air and converts into a drop of water.

This temple attracts huge crowds because of the above stone as well the presence of the temple for Raja Dakshinamoorthy.

“Thittai”, the name of the village means “Thittu” in Tamil, (i-e) a Mound.

When the whole world was surrounded by water because of “Pralayam”, Brahma & Vishnu worshipped the Lord Maheshara for protection. After wandering much for a safe place, they found this only mound, which did not drown in the Pralaya waters, where there was a Shiva Lingam.

They performed Pooja to the Lingam and worshipped Lord Shiva, who appeared before them and delegated their duties of Creation and Protection.

It is believed that this is the only place, which was not destroyed even during Pralayam( Dissolution of the Universe)

Unlike many other temples, here the complete temple is built using the stone. Not only for the main deities, but also all other Sannidhi’s are constructed using stones, right from floors, pillars, walls and roof.


*Two stones “Suryagaanthakkal” and “Chandragaanthakkal” which are placed at strategic points above the Vimana are the reasons for the droplets of water which falls on the deity.

These 2 stones absorb moisture from the atmosphere, convert into 1 water droplet, performing a natural Abhishegam to the deity, every 24 minutes (1 Naazhigai), be it the day or night.

A small piece of yellow cloth (Dhothi) which covers the Lingam is always wet because of this. If one can wait patiently, they can view this amazing act.

The temple tank situated opposite the temple is called “Chakra Theertham” which is believed that it was created by the Chakra from the hands of Mahavishnu.


The Goddess is called Ulaganayagi. It is said that a Vaisya girl got back her dead husband after worshipping Ulaganayagi.

How to reach.

Airport. Tiruchi.

Railhead.Tiruchi, Thanjavur,Kumbakonam, Thiruvarur.

Bus Station.From Tiruchi, Kumbakonam,mauram, Thiruvarur, Thanjavur

The temple is located six km from the main road on the way to Melattur from Thanjavur





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