Shiva Linga As Penis Misinformation Story Vedic Rebuttal

Though there are practices in Tantra where Yoni (females genital organ) and Male organ is worshipped and copulation is also practiced,one should know these practices do not have the sanction of the Vedas. 2.These practices are called Vaamachaara,the left handed path and are set aside by Acharyas like Adi Shankaracharya. 3. In practices indulged by one, he is beyond sensual pleasure and performs these acts with total detachment,fixing mind on Reality.This is a rare case.

Rama with Kodanda,Bow.jpg

Rama Took Holy Dip After Killing Thadaka Ramrekha Ghat

In Buxar , Chitravan Rama killed Tadaka and to get rid of the sin of killing a woman, though she was a Demon, Lord Rama took bath in Baskar Theertha, also called Rama Rekha Ghat, on the banks of the river Ganges. He also worshiped Lord Shiva here and Rama's foot prints are found here. Rama visited this place after His coronation to perform a Yagna and drew the outlines for the Yaga Shala.

Thousands Of Shiva Lingas In Sirsi Karnataka Riverbed

Were Ganesha, Murugan and Shiva Human Beings' later elevated to Godhood? or were they Aliens who came down to the Earth? Considering the fact that the Vedas advocate formless worship and the development of Thoughts on God only as a means of Self Realization,the Reality Brahman being an abstract principle, there is scope for more research on this subject. There are also reports, very credible of course, of underground tunnels in various parts of the world, all interlinked.

Jatadhara Shiva Mount Kailash Face Underground Tunnels

There is a Holographic Room in the underground Chamber and it contains ancient historical manuscripts.

I shall be writing on this in detail.

In the mean while I was curious about the name Jatadhara, describing Lord Shiva.

Jatadhara means one with matted locks.

Unique Roof Stone Drips Water on Shiva Linga 24 Minutes Thittai

Two stones "Suryagaanthakkal" and "Chandragaanthakkal" which are placed at strategic points above the Vimana are the reasons for the droplets of water which falls on the deity.

These 2 stones absorb moisture from the atmosphere, convert into 1 water droplet, performing a natural Abhishegam to the deity, every 24 minutes (1 Naazhigai), be it the day or night.

A small piece of yellow cloth (Dhothi) which covers the Lingam is always wet because of this. If one can wait patiently, they can view this amazing act.