Ra Ma Is Bulgarian For Temple Rama In Bulgaria

I had written about the presence of Sanatana Dharma in Russia,Baltic Region.

Vedic Traces in Lithuania.

“Traditionally, the Vedic peoples of Lithuania worshipped the Ašvieniai, the divine horse twins, related to the goddess Ūsinis. They are said to pull the Sun Chariot through the sky. The Lithuanian people continue to adorn their roof tops with the symbol of the divine horse twins in order to receive protection for the household…

Asvini Kumaras Lithuania

Now to Bulgaria.

Bulgarian and Sanskrit etymological similarities suggest the presence of Rama in Bulgaria.

This similarity also points out to the Pyramids and the influence of Rama in Europe.

I had written on the Empire of Rama.

Rama worshiping Shiva Linga, Shiva Looks on.jpg Rama worshiping Shiva Linga, Shiva Looks on.

Google Rama Bulgaria, you shall be surprised at the Number of Resorts, Golf courses in Bulgaria.

A Sample.

Location: Balchick , Bulgaria
Type: Residential/Hotel
Size: 66,490 sqm possible built-up area
Gross development value: €15,7 million

Black Sea Rama Golf & Country Club is an exclusive gated seaside community featuring a world class 18-hole signature golf course which design and construction have been managed by Gary Player Design. The site is located on a cliff in North East Bulgaria and has a wonderful view of the Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast.

Black Sea Rama is an ideally accessible area for holiday or second homes. Varna international airport is just 30 minutes away and the City itself has extensive shopping facilities, theatres, restaurants, bars and many other tourist attractions.

The site is currently partially developed with the first phase of semi-detached villas completed and a number of completed and partially constructed individual villas. Landmark retains freehold interest in two large plot areas (named J and G). Plot J is situated on the southern edge of the site and measures 46,365 sq.m. It has the benefit of frontage to the Black Sea shoreline with the benefit of sea views. Plot G is located further inland on the south western edge of the main site and measures 15,000 sq.m.”

“In Arabic, pyramid is said Hram. This comes from the Bulgarian word Hram meaning Temple. Hram is a Bulgarian word whose ancient origin dates back thousands of years and that means God Mother Temple (Ra + Ma).

Ra is the absolute god of the ancient Bulgarians and Ma is the great goddess, mother of matter and energy. In the people of HRAM (Hora is Bulgarian word for people) you can feel the energy of Mother God Rama. “..

“In the past, our wise ancestors Bulgarians used geomagnetic force to build their hram, pyramids, temples and shrines in rocky mountainsides or buried in deep wells.” Geomagnetic force is part of vril energy, commonly used long ago. “They used the force of Mother Earth Ge / Ga because they knew that the human body is made of earth, and his soul is the spirit of God Ra – spirit they called Ha. This powerful geomagnetic energy facilitated their contact with the Spirit God Mother or Ha Ra Ma. That’s why they named Harama (hram) their megalithic temples.

The Spirit of God through Ra Ma, the goddess of matter and earth. Until today the pyramids in Egypt are called HRAM, Ahram. However, over the ages, this knowledge has been obscured and destroyed “..

Anything directly or indirectly related with Rama was indeed mutilated, fake or destroyed. This makes it difficult for the researcher to talk about the missing remains. We must therefore examine the language – which remains and does not lie. Harama in old Bulgarian means Spirit of Ra and Ma, says the Bulgarian author. Very well. I also see an evocation of the primitive trinity of Hyperborean and/or Atlantean gods. Ha ie Holy Spirit – Ra, ie Father God – Ma ie Mother Goddess. Under different forms, this divine trinity can be found in many ancient religions until now.

This explains many things. During the era of the Lion, the gods astronauts returned to earth. Their leader was Ra, the sun god, who is united to Ma, the Matriarch. She was the Great Mother, she managed the planet with magic and giving.

Millennia later, during the era of Aries, a young Hyperborean druid terminates the matriarchy which has became a mess of criminal witches mistreating males with sadism.’

*I had witten on the Hyperborean vedic Link


Hram, Bulgarian word for “temple”,  evokes the architect of Solomon’s temple, Hiram. Same name. And further evidence that the temple of Jerusalem was not dedicated to Yahweh, but to HA RA MA, the original Atlantéo-Hyperborean trinity.

Bulgarian temple is said Hram or Ahram, hence Ashram, Hindi word for temple. Where does this strong relationship between the ancient Bulgaria and the saga of Rama? Some Bulgarian authors are convinced that the Bulgarian is the common language of the Maya and ancient Bulgarian called Thrace.


They highlight some obvious similarities between the old Europe and America on the religious worship of the sun or linguistics, language very close orally.

But we should probably look further, towards the language of the Atlanteans and Celts. Oral transmission was the rule and the glyphs have evolved over the ages, we must learn to decode through the cults, myths and common traditions. It is quite true that there are commonalities to these two civilizations. They share the same stone, strong technological knowledge, great spiritual kinship and language with great similarity.

To those who may be surprised to find the same words in two places as distant as India and Bulgaria, I would suggest to read other episodes in the life of druid Ramos of Hyperborea. They will discover that ancient Rama road to distant Asia is dotted with places, people or events that still celebrate his precious name, even if his memory is forgotten. The Druid Ramos became Ram for the Celts, he crossed all Europe and Asia to bring peace, prosperity and spiritual elevation. He brought a new way of thinking, behaving and talking, hence many Rama traditions still remain in Western and Eastern Europe, around Mediterranean Sea, in the Balkans and Middle East, as well as in India, Tibet and China, as we have seen. ”

** Please read my Post Brahmins , ancestors of Celts; Danube River of Dhanu,Por Baijn, Russia, Pradhyumna’s City.


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