Siva Stuthi in Islam By Prophet’s Uncle

The Shiva Sloka by Prophet’s Uncle.

Kafavomal fikra min ulumin Tab asayruKaluwan amataul Hawa was TajakhruWe Tajakhayroba udan Kalalwade-E LiboawaWalukayanay jatally, hay Yauma Tab asayruWa Abalolha ajabu armeeman MAHADEVAManojail ilamuddin minhum wa sayattaruWa Sahabi Kay-yam feema-Kamil MINDAY YaumanWa Yakulum no latabahan foeennak TawjjaruMassayaray akhalakan hasanan KullahumNajumum aja- at Summa gabul HINDU

Translation.The man who may spend his life in sin and irreligion or waste it in lechery and wrath If at least he relent and return to righteousness can he be saved?If but once he worship Mahadeva with a pure heart, he will attain the ultimate in spirituality.Oh Lord Shiva exchange my entire life for buta day’s sojourn in India where one attains salvation.But one pilgrimage there secures for one all merit and company of the truly great.

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