Brahmi Script Khakassia Petrogyph Siberia Nazca Lines Peru 5000 Years?

Brahmi script.image.png.

World  cultures speak of Cosmic Axis,called Axis Mundi.

The axis mundi (also cosmic axisworld axisworld pillarcenter of the worldworld tree), in certain beliefs and philosophies, is the world center, or the connection between  Heaven and Earth.’

The World Tree is another concept that connects the celestial world and the terrestrial (our world).

It is called by different names in different Cultures of the world.

In Hinduism,it is expressed,as one of the Symbolism in Samudra Manthan,the churning of the Ocean of Milk.

Samudra Manthan is also a symbol denoting the evolution of the world.

More details on this in future in a detailed article.

I have written on the presence and pervasion of Sanatana Dharma/Hinduism throughout the world.

In Russia,Siberia,Mexico,Honduras,Peru.

I have referred to these Four ,because it is relevant to this article.

For the presence of Sanatana Dharma/Hinduism,please Google country/region +ramanan50 to get more articles.

What is intriguing is the presence of this Tree of Life ,is that it is present as Hieroglyphs throughout the world.

One such is the  Khakassia petroglyph, found in Siberia.

Some date it to 10,000 years,the most recent date being assigned is 5000 years.

 It is in Siberia.


‘The republic is located in the southwestern part of Eastern Siberia  and borders Krasnoyarsk Krai in the north and east, the Tuva Republic in the southeast and south, the Altai Republic inn the south and southwest, and Kemerovo Oblast in the west and northwest. It stretches for 460 kilometers (290 mi) from north to south and for 200 kilometers (120 mi) from east to west. Mountains (eastern slopes of Kuznetsk Alatau and the Abakan range) cover two thirds of the republic’s territory and serve as the natural boundaries of the republic.’  ( ).

Khakassia Petroglyphs. Image.
Khakassia Petroglyphs in Siberia,5000 or 10,000 years old?

Now what are the lines in the Image?

It looks like Brahmi Script.

I have provided the Brahmi script of ancient India as the Featured Image at the top of this article.

Some of these have been identified, as shown in the image below.

Brahmi Script ,marked with interpretation of the Khakassia Petroglyphs image.
Brahmi Script ,marked with interpretation of the Khakassia Petroglyphs found in Siberia. Image credit.

Gha,Jha,Ya,Sa are clearly visible.

I am trying to get the image enhanced and shall try to read the other letters.

The fact that,

Russia was called Sthree Varsha,Kingdom of women,

Sage Yagnyavalkya lived in Russia,

Arkaim was built based on Rig Vedic Mandala Design,

Lake Baikal was Vaikanasa Theertha of Indra, Chief of Devas,

Krishna’s son Pradhyumna built a city in Russia,Port Baizhyn,

There is a River called Moksha( means Liberation in Sanskrit),

Siberians worship Ayur Devathas ( Gods of Logevity in Hinduism),

Makes one the present Present Petrogyph Evidence as one more evidence of Sanatana Dharma being present in the distant past in Russia.

Peru. Nazca Lines.

Nazca lines.image.
Nazca Lines in Peru.Shiva’s Trishul,Trident? Image credit.

One finds the Nazca Lines of Peru being described as the mark of the Trident of Shiva,(Trishul) by Sugreeva in the Sundara Kanda of Ramayana,when he adivises his army to searck for Sita in the land where Shiva’s Trishul is found.

The Tree of Life is considered as a Female Principle and the Mayan Religion has the Manasa Devi,Goddess of Snake and poison of Hinduism and the Yoga Chakras as the basis of their Religion.

Please read my articles on Nazca Lines and Mayan Religion based on Yoga Chakras of Hinduism.

And it may be noted that Sage Yagnyavalkya who lived in Russia was Protagonist of Women and Russia was called ‘Kingdom of Women’

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  1. just a big what if – the large 7 headed, is a being from the 7th level of heaven, on the right is the tree of life , and subsequently we see normal human forms, maybe from 7 pair of dnas to 1 pair of dnas as humans


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