Sri Yantra Pasupathaye Namaha Construction Site  Banks of Mississippi Iowa

Sri Yantra. Image.

Worship of Gods,Goddesses with human/Super Human Attributes,though not advocated by the Vedas,they stress on the Realisation of Reality,Brahman which is beyond Attributes,the Vedas and the later Smritis,realizing the inability of Human Mind to concentrate on a Vacuum or Attribute-less Principle recommended as a first step the Worship of Reality as One with Name and Form.

This is called Saguna Aradhana,while fixing Mind on the Attribute-less Brahman is called Nirguna Aradhana.

There are others methods recommended.

The Realization through Sound,Mantra.

Through Geometrical Shapes,Yantra.

Through esoteric practices,involving Mind and Body,Tantra.

One of the most powerful Yantras is the Sri Yantra.

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Though generally attributed to Lalitha Devi and by some texts to Lakshmi as an Attribute of Lalitha,Sri Yantra is Nirguna Upasna.

Please read my articles on Lalitha,Yantras,Devi Aksharas.

The Yantra contains the Beeja Mantras ‘Sreem,Hreem,Kleem’ among others.

One of the readers of this blog,Sri. Linn Honeycutt sent me a message thus,a couple of days ago.


      I met a man when I was in Wisconsin and he showed me a picture and said he found it. He was on a construction site on the banks of the Mississippi. I sent him a message and trying to get more details.

    Do you know what language is written on the yantra?’

The language written on this Yantra is Sanskrit.

What is intriguing is that the Yantra contains the phrase ‘ Pasupathaye Namaha’

The Epithet Pasupathi is for Lord Shiva and is not generally found in Sri Yantra.

I request scholars and Sri Vidya Upasakas to throw more light on this.

*The Yantra was found in a construction site on the banks of River Mississippi,Burlington,Iowa,US.

just confirmed it came from Burlington, Iowa where the Mississippi river runs east of the town.’

There is a debate about the Pasupathi Seal found in Mohenja Daro in Indus valley,dated 5000 years ago.

One of the points of the debate is whether the seal contains Male or Female figure.

Shall be writing on this.

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