Sri Yantra. Image.

Sri Yantra Pasupathaye Namaha Construction Site  Banks of Mississippi Iowa

Do you know what language is written on the yantra?' The language written on this Yantra is Sanskrit. What is intriguing is that the Yantra contains the phrase ' Pasupathaye Namaha' The Epithet Pasupathi is for Lord Shiva and is not generally found in Sri Yantra.

Twenty Three Tantra Technics

And there is this accusation that Tantra is basically sex oriented and many indulge in it for Orgies. I have been meaning to write on Tantra as Password protected , paid articles to restrict access. I shall do so some time in future. In the mean while I was worried about some youngsters(Male and Female) asking me whether they can perform Yoni/Linga Pooja. I have decided to out line the outline what Tantra is.

How Sri Yantra Was Created

In some Mantras these sounds though invisible are embedded in Mantras and stotras by Great Acharyas. Soundaryalahari By Adi Shankaracharya contains the 51 Bheejaksharas, the Seed sounds of Devi , they are embedded in the text though it is invisible. Each God is assigned specific numbers of letters, called Aksharas, Interesting to note that Akshara, loosely translated as Letters means Limitless, therby signifying the power of sound produced by each letter.

UFO Directs To Sri Yantra In River Bed US

They estimated its location as eight miles away and 15 degrees above the horizon. This placed it directly over the dry lake bed. They watched the stationary cloud for about an hour. Due to the eyewitness accounts, the sighting was classified as an unidentified, and was later associated with the Sri Yantra earth scraping. After the story broke, a group of artists claimed they had created the Sri Yantra. '

Chanted OM Produces Sri Yantra in Tonoscope

I have,in a post on Paranormal, narrated my experience, during my college days, as to how the various Gayatri Mantras ,when intoned properly, produced the corresponding God's Image in a TV Monitor... This sound gas three letters. A U M