Now JesusYoga,Better Change Name Christianity to Hinduism

There is no limit to surprises from Christianity. Velankanni church Festival details. Jesus Yoga! Church modelled after Hindu temple There is Jesus SuprabhatChristians tried to forge ThirukkuralJesus AstotraJesus Sahasranama. Video belowChurches are built in Hindu temple style.Bhoomi Pooja conducted Hindu style for Church Building at Bangalore. Christian Festivals in Tamilnadu begin with Dwajarohana. Car festival.The … Continue reading Now JesusYoga,Better Change Name Christianity to Hinduism

Seshadri Swamigal My Family Experience Independently YouTube Verified

Whatever is always Is. ' This is Full, that is Full. Having taken full out of Full , Full remains Full. This is one of the famous lines from Upanishad. 'Om poornamitha poornath poorna....What is conveyed is the world, universe has been , is  ,and shall be.Whatever happens, happened and what shall happen shall be.This is concept of Eternity as applied to Events.

Mantra For Offering Food To Crows.

The offering of food to Crows , is not limited to Sraddha days. Food has to be offered to Crows daily. Food has to be offered to Deities daily. Freshly cooked food is to be offered. There are different views on whether one can offer the food offered to Deities, Naivedya, can be offered to Crows as Crows represent Pitrus

Kayenavacha Mantra Equivalent Tamil Poem Siva

However much we try to convince ourselves that we perform because we choose actions,the truth is that we act, because we are impelled to act,either by instinct or reason.

Size Of Life 0.00000000001 Millimeter Thirumandhiram

cut it into Hundred pieces, take one among them, cut them further into 1000 pieces,and cut one such piece into 100,000 pieces.