Refuge Of Four Ambasus Grateful Vishnu Sahasranama 54 to 56

Somapo Amritapas Somah Purujit Purusattamah                        |
Vinayo Jayas Satyasandho Daasharhas SaattvataamPatih ||54||

Jeevo Vinayitaa Saakshee Mukundo Amitavikramah          |
Ambhonidhir Anantaatmaa Mahodadhishayo Antakah

Ajo Mahaarhas Svaabhaavyo Jitaamitrah Pramodanah       |
Anando Nandano Nandas Satyadharmaa Trivikramah ||56||

Sri Vishnu Sahasranama 54-56 Explained

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Surya,the Sun Deity, Hinduism.image.
Surya,The Sun God.

Surya Sun God Mitra Worshipped Ancient Rome Pope Baptised With Varuna

Varuna and Maitra are the sons of Aththi and Kasyapa.

So also Surya,the SunGod.

Worship of Surya is found throughout the world,with the attributes described in Hinduism.

Mitra Varuna is worshiped in the Middle east, Italy and throughout Europe.

And the Mayas,Incas,Mittanis,Akkadians,Sumerians and Egyptians were Sun worshippers.

Lord Rama's
Rama Pattabishekam

Rome Founded April 21, 753 B.C Rama Navami Little Rama

“Rome was founded by him on the ninth day of the month Pharmouthi, between the second and third hour; for it is supposed that the fortunes of cities, as well as those of men, have their certain periods which can be discovered by the position of the stars at their nativities.” (pg. 39, Plutarch’s Lives, Volume 1, Chapter XII)

Krishna’s Son Pradhyumna’s City In Por Bajin Siberia

Even ancient Hindu mythology states that the forefathers of the Hindus came down in successive waves from Eastern Siberia (Uttara Kuru). Even now, the major tribes in Eastern Siberia bear virtually the same names as the three major grass-roots Indian groups: Saka, Buryat, and Yakuts. In India, they became the Saka (Scythians), Bharats, and Yakhu-Deva (Now the Yadavas

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