Nazca Lines Of Shiva Peru Converges At Angkor Vat

Nazca lines,image.

The Nazca lines of Peru is mentioned by Valmiki Ramayana.

The image at the top is SPOT Satellite image of Nazca Lines.


Sugreeva mentions the place where the mark of Shiva  is found( Trishul).

I have written in detail on this.

”In Ramyan, when King Sugriv directs his men in all directions in search of Sita, he instructs people going to east direction to check out for a TRIDENT engraved on a mountain.

He describes the Trident as “A long Golden flagstick with three limbs stuck on top.

It always glitters in when seen from sky”. (This trident is on west coast of peru – Lima and is visible clearly from the sky)

In Valmiki Ramayan – Kishkindha Kaand – The sanskrit shlok is as below: (Kishkindha-39/47-48)

Search Sita in Peru.


These Nazca Line might be Tamil Brahmi Script,meaning  ‘Namasivaya

Tamil Brahmi image.
Tamil Brahmi script.

The Nazca lines ,when plotted around the Globe ,with the help of Google Earth ,converges on a single point,

The Angkorvat Temple in Cambodia.

Watch this Video.

It may also be mentioned that the ancestors of the Incas were from Sanatana Dharma and their Chief God,Virococha, is Virochana,who,along with Indra studied under Prajapathi.

And he was the son of Prahlada.


Virochana is Virococha,Sanatana Dharma


The number 108 represents the distance from the earth to the sun and the moon in sun and moon diameters, respectively.

The diameter of the Sun is  18 times the diameter of the earth.

The distance between the human body and its inner Sun is also 108.

Number 360,taken to represent an year is the number of bones in the Human body at the time of birth and they get fused into 206  when the Body grows (Satapatha Brahmana)

The primary Vedic number is three, representing the tripartite division of the physical world into the earth, the atmosphere, and the

sky and that of the person into the physical body, the pranas, and the inner sky.

Hindu Temples represent the Meru Mountain and Bruhat Samhita lists 56 principles on this.

The AngkorVat.

The most impressive aspect of the temple representation is that it occurs both at the level

of the part as well as the whole in a recursive fashion, mirroring the Vedic idea of the

microcosmsymbolizes the macrocosm at variouslevels of expressions.

This is done not only in the domain of numbers and directions, but also

using anppropriate mythological themes and historical incidents.

Speaking just of numbers, the various lengths and circumferences of units

representing the motion of the moon may equal 27, 28, 29…’

Angkorvat Cambodia built on Vedic Principles
Please refer my articles on Geometrically aligned Temples.

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