For Success In Any Endeavor Mantra Shankaracharya

I have posted Five Mantras which will grant immediate relief for problems faced by us.


One would have noticed that all these mantras are not directed to One God or Goddess.


Nor are they culled from one source.




By faith I am an Advaitin, Nirguna Upasana.


Yet my Istha Devata is Tirukkadavur Abhirami.


While I trust Her implicitly, for She has taken care of me at the most difficult time of my Life,I have used many Mantras on various occasions, either for

me or for others .


Image of Bala Tripura Sunari.jpg.
Bala Tripura Sundari


I have found, without exception, that all the Mantras delivered the result.


Hence the different Mantras are being posted based on my personal experience.


People may use, if they come across some other Mantras, if they come from a reliable source.


In all the Mantras I have posted, I have included the Bheeja Mantras as well.


Please use the Bheeja Mantras only after getting initiated from a Guru.


You shall get a Guru if you are ardent enough.


If this is not forth coming, one may pray Lord Subramanya at Swamimalai and start the Mantra.


Or Hayagriva at Thiruvahhendrapuram


One faces challenges in Life and one gets over them too.


At times, one gets disheartened and loses initiative.


Nothing seems to work, despite your sincere effort.


Reason is that for any action to bear fruit, there are others factors,which are beyond our control, which have to contribute.


This is possible only if He Desires we should have the result, His Kadaaksha must be behind us.


Be it  getting a job, getting married, good education, removal of poverty,good spouse,,good children Health without disease,getting children

married,for Grand children, economic prosperity, ageing without problems .


Adi Shankaracharya  in his Soundarya Lahari has hidden the Bheeja mantras of the Devi in the 51 slokas composed by him (out of 57, the rest being

given to him by Lord Ganesha).


The following Mantra shall ensure that you shall succeed in any endeavor you undertake.


Please follow the general rules for reciting the mantras as detailed in my other posts.


I have provided additional information on this sloka, for the benefit of Sri Vidya Upasakas.





Smaram yonim lakshmeem tritaya-mida-maadau tava mano
Nidhaayaike nitye niravadhi-mahabhoga-rasikaah
Bhajanti twaam cintaamani-gunanibaddhaaksha-valayaah
Sivaagnau juhvantah surabhigrita-dhaaraahuti-sataih


स्मरं योनिं लक्ष्मीं त्रितयमिद मादौ तवमनोः 
निधायैके नित्ये निरवधि महाभोगरसिकाः 
भजन्ति त्वां चिन्तामणिगुण निबद्धाक्षवलयाः 
शिवाग्नौ जुह्वन्तः सुरभिघृत धाराहुति शतैः 



Smaram – “Kleem” the Kaama beeja mantra
yonim – “Hreem the Buvaneswari beeja mantra”
lakshmeem – “Sreem” the Lakshmi beeja mantra
idam tritayam – these three
aadau – in the beginning
tava – your
mano – of the panchadasaaksaree mantra [ the divine mind ]
Nidhaaya – combining
yeke – few persons
nitye – Oh! eternal! Goddess Supreme!
niravadhi-mahabhoga-rasikaah – knowing the aananda from the continuous unbroken japa
Bhajanti – do the aaraadhana or pooja
twaam – you
cintaamani-gunanibaddha aksha-valayaah – making the continuous stream of thoughts as the japamaala
Sivaagnau – in the agni in the sakti triangle in the Sri Cakra
juhvantah – doing [ offer ]
surabhigrita-dhaaraahuti-sataih – hundreds of aahutis by the aatmaananda obtained by the ghee given by kaamadhenu


Oh! eternal Goddess Supreme! few persons knowing the aananda obtained from the continuous unbroken japa, do the aaraadhana or pooja for you, making the continuous stream of thoughts as the japamaala, in the beginning of Your divine Panca Dasa Aksharee mantra, combining the three “Kleem” [ the Kaama beeja mantra ], “Hreem [ the Buvaneswari beeja mantra ], “Sreem” [the Lakshmi beeja mantra], offer hundreds of aahutis by the ghee given by Kaamadhenu in the Agni in the Sakti triangle in the Sri Cakra.

 Similarity between the Panca-Dasa-Aksharee mantra and Saavitree mantra.

In the Panca-Dasa-Aksharee mantra there are three kootaas whereas in the Savitree mantra, there are three paadaas.


If we add with the Savitree mantra, the three vyaahritees Bhoo, Bhuvah, Suvah, then the mantra gets converted to Gayatri mantra.
In the Panca-Dasa-Aksharee mantra, if you add three of the five vimarsa pranava mantras called aim, hreem, sreem kleem, sowh, then the mantra gets converted to sowbhagya pancadasaaksharee.


In this sloka it is directed to add Sreem-Hreem-Kleem;
there is also another alternative mantra called sowbhagya mantra which is formed by adding aim-kleem-sow in the beginning of each koota.


Sivaagnih :-
In the triangular shaped kunda if you form the agni, it is called sivaagnih. Great devotees, offer pure ghee obtained from cow on this agni with the bhaavanaa “sivoham” and apply all their actions [manasaa, vaacaa, karmanaa] to the god.


Bhavanopanishad says :-
Aham twam asti naasti kartavyam akartavyam
upaasitavyamiti vikalpaanaa-maatmani vilaapanam homah.
Juhwantah – offer to agni the goddess – this is called antar yaaga.
Chintaamani guna nibaddhaakshavalayaa – the japamaalaa has fifty one akshara shape. In that the place for the letter “Khsa” is called “meru”.


It is the sacred stone in the centre of the japamaalaa. Once you do the japa with the maalaa- counting, you should not cross over the meru, but go in the reverse direction then on reaching the meru.
The devotees can do this offering in one of the three ways depending on their mental condition; if he is a beginner [not a spiritual one], then he can do the offering with the materials in the agni physically formed one.

Second case is, he can offer the mentally prepared aahuti in the mentally prepared agni.
The third case is [for a spiritual seeker] , he can offer the aahuti in the agni in his own heart of hearts.

Bhagavaan Ramana Maharishi thus in his “Upadesa Saaram” thus :-
Kaaya vaag mana kaaryamuttamam
poojanm japa cintanam kramaat

Smaram yonim lakshmeem :-
Smaram represent “ha“kaara
Yonim represent “sa”kaara
Lakshmeem represent “ka”kaara

In the sloka referred in sloka 32, in the mantra,
“ka ye ee la hreem ha sa ka ha la hreem sa ka la hreem”

Replace the first three letters by “ha sa ka”, “haadi vidyaa” or “lopaamudraa vidyaa” is formed.
Aksha maalaa – is a prateeka of the sabda brahma which is imperishable which is also appearing as the destructive prapanca.

Antar nirantara nirindhanamedhamaane
Mohaandhakaara paripanthini samvidagnau
Kasmimcidadbhoota mareeci vikaasa bhoomau
Viswam juhomi vasudhaadi sivaavasaanam

In the inner heart of hearts, unbroken, but without indhana, lighting and destroying the mohaandhakaara and for the strange mareecis serve as vikaasa bhoomi – such a samvit shaped agni –
in this agni, I offer everything and anything in the world including Earth and Siva. [this is aatma samarpanam]



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22 responses to “For Success In Any Endeavor Mantra Shankaracharya”

  1. ANKUR Avatar

    Namaskaram Guruji,
    I am reciting Saundriya Lahiri sloka mantra 33 as per your guidelines .IE 9 times after morning bath.My head is getting heavy and after getting up from bed the mantra repeats itself in my mind no of times.What to do Guruji guidance please.


    1. ramanan50 Avatar

      Do not worry. This will pass. The sign is that the Mantra is being recited properly. When does the Mantra repeat and do you feel heaviness after you get up in the morning or after doing Pooja?


      1. ANKUR Avatar

        Namaskaram Guruji,
        I am highly apologised that I can’t timely reply you.
        Guruji when I woke up in the morning just after opening eyes mantra starts to recite in mind automatically.Heaviness comes after puja.



    My name is SREEHARSHHA. Since 11 years whatever I do i s not successful. I don’t have income. Pl guide me to get some income. I am 53years old. I am performing pooja everyday and read gurucharitram.


      1. SREEHARSHHA S.R Avatar

        thank you so much..
        sir, since 1 year iam trying to sell my BDA site allotted at bsk 6th stage 7th block. but iam not able to sell it. any particular mantra or stotra related to it on urgent basis coz the money i get from selling has to be sent to my only daughter [not full] who is at CANADA FOR STUDIES..AND LIVING..


      2. ramanan50 Avatar

        Recite Ganesha and Lakshmi Gayatri 56 times each daily in the morning for 45 Days.


  3. ANKUR Avatar

    Namaskaram Guruji,
    After recitation of Sloka 33 Soundarya Lahiri, My body static electricity has increased much .I get mild current shocks on touching utensils except plastic and curtains either cotton or of nylon getting significantly attracted as my body moves in near to them.Is it normal.And Guruji I don’t get replied for my 23 -Apr -2016 post to you in same thread(For Success In Any Endeavor Mantra Shankaracharya”)


  4. Savita Avatar

    Namaskaram Guruji, my son is married since 4 years. What mantra I should to get grand Dougher or grand son?


  5. MeenaGanesh Avatar

    Sir, According to the given sloka S.L 33, it was a great explanation by you about Sowbhagya Panchadasi which is rare to find. I was searching for this sowbhagya panchadasi with kama,maya and lakshmi bijas from so many days. I couldn’t find it anywhere. Finally, it was provided by you. Could you please help me for providing rishi, chanda and nyasa for the above verse mantra.


    1. ramanan50 Avatar

      I shall write. If I forget please remimd me in a week.regards


      1. MeenaGanesh Avatar

        Thank You sir


  6. Renj Avatar

    Dear Guruji,

    I came across your site while searching slokas from soundarya lahari.
    I am in a very difficult situation. My husband left me saying i am not beautiful and i look very lean and thin. I had even given up a very good to be with him. But he has a girl friend and my inlaws support him. My mother in law threw me and our daughter out of their home last month . Now i am staying with my parents, i am jobless and upset.

    Could you please suggest some mantras that could help me and also help me regain my health. I used to be fat once but now, i dont know, how muchever i eat, my weight doesnt increase.

    Please help.


    1. ramanan50 Avatar

      Recite the first sloka of Soundaryalahari for 45 days.Things will improve.


      1. sreeharshha s r Avatar
        sreeharshha s r

        sastanga pranam guruji, suffering from almost 10 years without income and lots of loan burden.. guide me with suitable sloka or mantra to recite. doing sree pada vallabha divya charitamrutam parayana everyday..

        On Mon, Jan 30, 2017 at 10:15 AM, Ramani’s blog wrote:

        > ramanan50 commented: “Recite the first sloka of Soundaryalahari for 45 > days.Things will improve.” >


  7. ramanan50 Avatar

    Please write to me at shall reply .Reply. Regards.


  8. nimitechsblog Avatar my sister is going to marry with a boy whom we dont want to because we know he is not right for her how to stop their marriage my parents are in so much trouble because of her stubborn behaviour


  9. Geetha Sajja Avatar
    Geetha Sajja

    Sir, Should we recite Soundarya Lahari Sloka 1 or 33 if we have severe debts and financial problems? Just want to know which sloka is more effective to overcome these problems?


    1. Ramanis blog Avatar

      33. Sorry for the delay in replying.


  10. Vasanth Swaminathan Avatar
    Vasanth Swaminathan

    Ram Ram – Namaskaram !!! I’m asking this question after long years. Since, i just read it. Here you have mentioned 5 mantras. But i could see one 31st sloka and Panchadasi manthram. Am i missing anything? can you please clarify


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