Rama Called Buddha A Thief?Rubbish

But there are some well meaning people who do not understand Sanskrit propagate Hinduism do more harm to Hinduism than good. One such is a piece in Quora where the author states that Lord Rama called Buddha a Thief! And the article quotes Ramayana of Valmiki.

Śrauta Tradition Hinduism Organised By Janamejaya

It is a different matter that these practices were carried to the extreme and they were followed more by rote than by conviction and understanding of the Gnana Kanda of the Vedas. The message of the Vedas is that , the Ultimate Aim being the Realization of Brahman, The Reality, the performance of actions are to be a tool in the path Realization as Brahman is identified with Knowledge. Unfortunately, the spirit was lost and the practice of performing Srauta Karmas reached a peak with the advent of Mimamsa. And innumerable Deities were worshiped, causing confusion.

Sanatana Dharma Different From Hinduism

But are they really the same? There are the same but with a minute difference. Sanatana Dharma denotes oldest dharma, Dharma being translated as Righteousness. On what Dharma is I shall be writing in detail.

Date Of Shankaracharya Born In Chidambaram

This makes it difficult to date them precisely as they have lived at different points of time. Shankaracharya' Guru Govinda Bhagavadpada, one study claims lived during the period of Vikramaditya as there are two Vikramadityas,one of the Maurya and another of the Chalukya dynasty. The first one lived around 4th Century CE, while the latter in (Vikramaditya II )(733–746 CE) 2.The internal evidence of Shankaracharya's works do not provide many a clue,exception being the one about Thirugnana Sambhandar, who, it is agreed, is addressed by Shankaracharya as 'Dravida Sisu' in his Sounday