Lord Ram Sita Drunkards Debauch Amebedkar Insults Reply

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One of the Holy Cows of India, Dr.Ambedkar, others being Gandhi,Nehru,Annadurai of Tamil Nadu and MGR, is not to be commented upon by any one for they are perfect and what they utter is the Ultimate Truth, whatever non sense it might be.

Ambedkar, a man who ,according to his followers has written the Constitution of India(the other members of the Draft committee were fools),studied with the financial help of a Brahmin, who married a Brahmin woman,became a Buddhist stating that Buddhism has no divisions.

Those who say that Buddhism has many schools of thought and practices are idiots.

Ramayan Sites Sri Lanka
Ramayana Sites, Sri Lanka

He had written that Cow was slaughtered,eaten and was sanctioned by the Vedas.

Hinduism practices Caste system which was inhuman.

Please read my posts where I have replied to his half-baked, ill-informed, mischievous and misleading researches(?)

He had no spared the Ramayana , Mahabharata, Rama  and Krishna.

His observations on Rama are highly insulting to Hindus and they are totally in correct.

What he states about Rama has no references though he seems to quote .

If one checks the source of his references one can see through this game.

Normal tendency of the people, if some one says he is quoting an ancient text, is to take it for granted as True.

Ambedkar says Ramayana is a fraud and a mere story and yet at the same time goes about denying the Ramayana.

If the Ramayana is a Story, why take the trouble of denying it?

If the Ramayana is a mere story of Valmiki’s fertile imagination(why do you accept Valmiki as real, you could have denied him as well), then the facts,

The date of Ramayana has been authenticated through Archeology,History by internal and external evidence,

The route traveled by Rama in search of Sita  exist even today with the landmarks as described by Valmiki,

The Planets configuration described by Valmiki during Rama’s Birth, Marriage, Ramayana War all check out .

Apart from the places mentioned in India on the incidents of Ramayana, these places, like the Asokavadi, Pond where Sita took bath in Sri Lanka, the place where she was imprisoned by Ravana, Ravana’s Airstrip, his Pushpaka Vimana’s Axle, and the ruins of his palace are found in Sri Lanka.

The city founded by Lava, son of Rama ,Lahore is now in Pakistan.

Ramayana is found in the far-east,in their languages.

Yes all this is non sense and only Ambedkar is intelligent and others are fools.

Ambedkar’s facts (?) of Ramayana are wrong.

Now read what Ambedkar has on say on Rama.

Valmiki also gives a detailed description of how Rama spent his life in the Zenana. This Zenana was housed in a park called Ashoka Vana. There Rama, used to take his meal. The food according to Valmiki consisted of all kinds of delicious viands. They included flesh and fruits and liquor. Rama was not a teetotaller. He drank liquor copiously and Valmiki records that Rama saw to it that Sita joined with him in his drinking bouts*[f81] . From the description of the Zenana of Rama as given by Valmiki it was by no means a mean thing. There were Apsaras, Uraga and Kinnari accomplished in dancing and singing. There were other beautiful women brought from different parts. Rama sat in the midst of these women drinking and dancing.

They pleased Rama and Rama garlanded them. Valmiki calls Rama as a ‘Prince among women’s men ‘. This was not a day’s affair. It was a regular course of his life.

As has already been said Rama never attended to public business. He never observed the ancient rule of Indian kings of hearing the wrongs of his subjects and attempting to redress them.”

I do not from know where Ambedkar has this source.

I have replied here the most obnoxious statement of Ambedkar.

Other comments by him are mild when compared to this.

This post is to highlight the misinformation by self-styled Rationalists for self-aggrandizement with no real grasp of what they speak about.

This is caution to Hindus not to be misled by seemingly authentic quoted by people who have been built up as Great in India.

Please read my posts on.

Dating tools of Ramayana, Mahabharata,

Date of Ramayana.

Route taken by Rama.

Ravana’s Palace,Pushpaka Vimana Axle.

Sita’s Pond.Sita’s Cell.


The date of Ramayana Battle.

Ambedkar on Untouchability, Vedas,Cow slaughter,Reservation muddle and more.

These posts are filed under Hinduism.



Through this booklet Ambedkar questions the authenticity of so called Lord Rama and Krishna being worshiped as God by Hindus. He highlights numerous erroneous activities of Rama and Krishna that shakes people’s conscience to accept them as Lord. He quotes Valmiki Ramayana in which Ram’s cunning acts of killing Bali, Ravana and Shambook has been exposed. In all of these killings Ram has not shown honesty on any account. He exposes Ram’s and Krishna’s lust for women. Krishna has as many as 16108 wives and Ram too was never loyal to Sita and spends all his time in his harem among women. Ambedkar very categorically illustrates Krishna’s decisions during Mhabharata war and each one was guided by special mystical power and no real power of strength. And hence most of the men killed by Arjun was with the help Krishna or otherwise he could not have done it.


One response to “Lord Ram Sita Drunkards Debauch Amebedkar Insults Reply”

  1. Stupid son of bitch is dead now. Did he comment about Mohammed , Christ . Buddha was a hindu and knower of Vedas and only he did not like was created by stupid Brahmans at that time like untouchability. Ram are shabari’s eaten fruit and he had a friend of so called low caste ( which is not true anyway as karma decide low cast) who helped him when he left ayodhya and one of caste kevat helped him too. Stupid moron ambedkar was one of britisher’s brown Englishman who worked against his mother Bharat mata. He forgot that he studied , went to England sec to Rajput king. If some people say sun does not exist , moon does not exist . That does not make any sense. Forget past , now all Indians are getting together under banner of Hinduism by bjp and Modi ji. And time is taking u turn in 10 years.


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