Our Forgotten Past My Lecture Bradford UK

I have been sharing what I have read, studied and what I found interesting, for the past ten years, through Ramanis blog.

After a couple of months into writing I found that,

1. History taught to us does not seem to be correct.

It is full of holes and unsupported information.

And it seems biased.

2.It appeared to me that history of world’s past has been either deliberately misinterpreted or there seems to have been a racial Amnesia among world cultures.

For instance, there seems ,according to history taught, to have been no Culture, Religion in Africa before the advent of missionaries,though Africa is touted as the cradle of civilisation from where the first Human Migration took place!

In Arabian peninsula, no history of culture before the Prophet, with the statement that Arabs were Nomads and were worshipping Pagan Gods.

And Japan, India and China seem to have an ancient past, which remains mysterious, unacknowledged.

When one reads the history of a country, it starts at some point and it proceeds.

If one were to look into the point at which the history starts with new evidence, it gives a different history and a new perspective.

Again, one has to look at the civilizations, Cultures, the Tribes and similarities between various people and culture, the result is a different history.

We do find Historical anamolies, anachronisms like the Baghdad Battery, remains of Giants, especially in the US, advanced scientific concepts including Quantum mechanics,the sculpture of a man riding a bicycle in a temple in Tamil Nadu, 39 archaeological sites of Mahabharata period, one million year old advanced Tamil site near Chennai, India,Krishna’ s Dwaraka dated about 12000 years back,Bengal being dated back to 25000 years, presence of Lord Rama’s Chapel in Ur, Iraq, Lord Subrahmanya/Murugan/Karthikeya’s Peacock Tribe in Iraw/Turkey, Shiva’s trident mark in Peru( as mentioned by Sugreeva in Ramayana, Korean Queen from Ayodhya………

All these are intriguing.

Apart from writing Ramanis blog, I deliver lectures on these subjects in various forums, including Tedx.

I am currently with my son in Leeds,UK.

I was teaching a few lines of Konrai Vendhan, A Tamil Moral work by Avvaiyar of Ancient times and my son had taken a video of it.

He had forwarded to Ms.Priya who teaches Tamil.

He haf also forwarded my blog url.

Ms.Priya and her Husband Sri. Basker met us and suggested I deliver a Lecture here at Leeds.

The couple are passionate about Indian History, Culture apart from their interest in knowing things.

My thanks to them.

They had contacted Kala Sangham, Bradford.

They were kind enough to to provide the venue.

My Son Anand Ramanan has been spending a lot of time in coordinating with Ms.Priya and Mr. Basker to organise the event.

And as usual has been having a tough time in organising me!

The Event .

On 12 April, 2019.

Time.7 to 9 PM.

Please visit the link for details and for Registration.



Kumarikandam 230 Million Years Old

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