History of India Ancient To 18 Century Authentic Controversial Books Writers

There are ancient and medieval sources from India on Indian history.

Many are unaware of them.

The Vedas also contain history if one were to have patience and command over Sanskrit.

Dasarjaneya war, the Battle of Ten Kings, incidentally it is the first war recorded in history, is described in the Vedas.

The Satapada Brahman as contain valuable information on Kings and Vedic life.

The major Puranas, eighteen in number are ancient history.

There are Upa Puranas.

Puranas Upa Puranas List

Ramayana and Mahabharata, the two Epics of India provide historical information.

One of the rules for a Purana to be classified as such is that it should detail the lineage of kings.

Then there is a gap of about five hundred years.

Texts written on Indian history are unavailable as India had the system of transmitting through oral traditions.

Knowledge of Prakrit and Pali would be advantageous.

Then one must read texts from Indian languages, other than Sanskrit, like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali.

And one should refer to Jain and Buddhist texts from India and from other countries like Sri Lanka, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia.

They have their origins in Bharatvarsha.

Will be writing on sources from Indian regional languages and from Ancient Historians from the West.

Hope this would help researchers to read the source and know the real history of India.

Banabhatta 7th century.

Asaga 9th-century century,

Kalhana 12th century,

He mac handrail 12th century,

Hasan Nizam, 13 th century

Abdul Malik Isami , 14th century,

Ziauddin Barani, 14th century,

  • Abul Fazl Mamuri, 15th century,

  • Jonaraja,
    15th century,
  • Padmanābha,
    15th century,
  • Shrivara,
    15th century,

    Yahya bin Ahmad Sirhindi,

  • 16th century
  • Abbas Sarwani
  • Abu’l-Fazl ibn Mubarak
  • `Abd al-Qadir Bada’uni
  • Gulbadan Begum
  • Prajna Bhatta
  • Nizamuddin Ahmad

Muhammad Saleh Kamboh 17th century

Mahipati, 18th century.

Lakshminath Bezbaroa 19th century

Binodini Dasi, 19th century

Sisir Kumar Ghosh

Vaikkath Pachu Moothathu

Mahipatram Rupram Nilkanth

Vrajlal Shastri

Reference and Citation


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