Micro Drilling Machining Gear Technology 12 Century Hoysaleswara Temple

I have written on the architectural marvels in the temples of India.

Temples that have,

The Sun’s rays falling on the Idol in the Sanctum at a particular day

At a particular time,

Idols that change in color five times a day

Idol that changes color once in Fourteen days in coordination with the New and Full Moon,

Pillars that produce the seven basic notes of Classical Carnatic Music,

Vishnu idol looks as Vishnu but the back looks like a young woman,

Idols that are of minimum twelve feet in height,

Sculpture, where if\nI you drop a pin in the Bow of the sculpture falls to the ground,

Thanjavur Big temple where Twenty ton Nandi is found,

The top kalasam at the top of this temple’s Vimana is about 80 tons,

Konark Sun temple


……… .

You may find articles on each of these temples in this site.

One must remember that the Thanjavur temple was built around 1010 AD and one wonders how they moved a Kalasa of such size and weight up the temple tower,

And there are no rocks nearby and the temple is built with rocks!

I will be writing exclusively on the architecture of Temples in India, Temple wise.

The temples built by the Hoysalas were in no way lagging behind.

The Hoysaleswara temple built by Vishnuvardhana , in Hampi around 12th century AD.

Will write in detail later.

Now let us look at the pillars in the temple.

The surface is smooth and one can find grooves indicating drilling having been used in Twelfth century.

Pillar in Hoysaleswara Temple. Image

Pillar Hoysaleswara Temple, Micro drilling Technology?

Not only this.

One finds a Gear sculpture made in the exact ratio we use now!

Hoysaleswara Temple Sanctum

Polished Pillars with minute grooves, Hoysaleswara Temple Sanctum

I had written on Micro drilling technology in Mahabalipuram temple in Tamil Nadu.

We have Ajanta caves in Maharashtra where the technology used in building these temples in caves makes one suspect Alien technology!

Shall write on Ajanta, UFO base!

Reference and image of Gear sculpture.


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