Thulukka Nachiar ,Melkote Vishnu’s Consort Ghazanvi Masud ‘s Daughter

The term Nachiar is very special in Tamil. In social traditions now,the term is used to denote the Lady of the house belonging to Thevar Community. The are, mostly ,are Saivaites. In Sri Vaishnava Tradition,the Term Nachiar is used to denote Consort of Lord Vishnu, though Lakshmi is generally addressed as Thayaar,Mother. Andal,a great Saint and one of the Twelve Azhwars,is called Kodhai Nachiar.

Shiva Abhishek Ghee Turns Butter Shiva Gange Temple

There is nothing called Paranormal in Hinduism. Everything in the Universe is Natural. When we come across things which we do not see in our daily Life,we tend to call them as Miracles. Fact is that we are perceiving them anew. That's all.

Melkote Western Fortress of Vaishnavism

This temple was the abode of Sri Ramanujacharya,who espoused the Qualified Non Dualism, Visishta Advaitha,Visishtadvaida,. He had to flee from the Chola kingdom, Sri Rangam due to persecution from the king and some Vaishnavas and Shaivas. One may add here that there no mention of Shaivas and Vaishnavas in the Vedas, and as such, in my opinion,the difference between them, to say the least,is not what Vedas say.

Micro Drilling Machining Gear Technology 12 Century Hoysaleswara Temple

I will be writing exclusively on the architecture of Temples in India, Temple wise. The temples built by the Hoysalas were in no way lagging behind. The Hoysaleswara temple built by Vishnuvardhana , in Hampi around 12th century AD.

Sraddha Snake Last Rites Details Kukke Subrahmanya for Welfare Disease Relief

So in Sarpasamskara, the last Rites are performed for the snake if it is dead and if it is injured, a prathima or an idol is placed in the moolasthana of Subrahmanya. Sarpasamskara has the following.