Sraddha Snake Last Rites Details Kukke Subrahmanya for Welfare Disease Relief

If one comes across problems in life, it is natural to look for solutions, which may not, in my opinion need not, stand to reason.

The popularity of some practices belong to this.

When one finds himself/herself in deep trouble or concerned with some issues, which can not be solved by normal means, one seeks things that are beyond normal.

These are the vows taken by people despite their religious leanings, Caste, creed.

This applies to the Rationalists (?),as well, who resort to these practices on the sly.

A Temple which is famous for solving problems relating to,

Childless people,



Nervous debility,


Ear disorders,

Life threatening diseases, and

Skin diseases.

Apart from this this temple is known for absolving one of the curse dosha that accrues because of killing Snake, Sarpa Dosha.

It is believed that performing Sarpasamskara, meaning the last Rites for Snake, is an atonement for having killed a snake intentionally or otherwise.

(leave alone the absolving one of sin, but look at the Humane consideration for a reptile by the Hindus. I may note here that Hindus Shanti Mantra places the welfare of the plant life first and places the welfare of humans later.. ‘Urdhvam jigadhu beshajam, sanno asthu dwipadey sanchatushpathe’ may water spread from roots to the top, may the two legged be happy, may the four legged be happy’)

The harmed snake is either dead or injured.

So in Sarpasamskara, the last Rites are performed for the snake if it is dead and if it is injured, a prathima or an idol is placed in the moolasthana of Subrahmanya.

Sarpasamskara has the following.

The final Rites are performed including ten days tharpanam, Apa Thapa Upasamanam , that is the satisfying of incomplete cravings of the snake and the fulfilled yet sought after objects, as one would for a human.

For last Rites of humans please read my articles.

And Homa is performed and the snake’s body in the form of a representation is consigned to the flames of the Homa.

As in Vedic Rites Pindapradhana is performed with eight rice balls.

As in humans, the pindas are mixed and promoted to higher lokas.

Then sixty four dhanas, gifts are distributed including Cow, food for Brahmins.

As this is the last rite and as such is not an auspicious occasion.

Hence one is asked to take bath after the Homa.

I may note here that one should eat once and go without dinner the day preceding the Sarpasamskara, as one would do for one’s ancestor’s annual ceremony or Sraddha.

One can take food on the day of Sarpasamskara after the Homa at the temple and can take only lite refreshments in the night.

No onion, Garlic, non vegetarian.

The next day one visits the temple for Sarpa pratishta in the temple where the image, idol is kept in moolasthana room.

Sarpasamskara procedure on line Kukke Subrahmanya.

. SARPA SAMSKARA inclusive of Nagaprathishta (For relief from sarpahathya dosha): For this seva, devotees have to register their names in the temple office by paying ₹ 3,200.00 (Rupees Three Thousand only) either by cash in person or by the Bank D.D. in favor of Kukke Shree Subrahmanya Temple along with complete address and contact numbers. This seva can be booked online too. The devotees who have undergone Upanayana Samskara and performed Pithrukarma can undertake this ritual themselves. For others the temple office will allocate Kriya Karthu on their behalf. The registered devotes will be informed the date of the commencement of the seva. Such devotees have to be stay here for two days. A room will be reserved for the Seva, but room rent has to be paid separately. This Seva can be performed on all day except Dashami, Ekadashi, Gokulastami, Shivarathri, Grahana (Eclips) and during the annual festival for 15 days.

  • Seva devotees after bath in the holy Kumaradhara and Darshana of Lord Subrahmanya should report at 8.30 a.m. on the booked date at Adi Subrahmanya in the venue reserved for them.
  • Follow the instructions given by the Purohitha regarding rituals.
  • Partake forenoon PRASADA at 1.00 noon and evening tiffin at 6.00 p.m. in the SHANMUKHA DINING HALL. (upstairs). Night meals are forbidden.
  • Food and tiffin arrangements are limited to 4 people per one Seva.
  • Next day morning after bath report at the very same venue at 5.30 a.m. and have tiffin at 7.30 a.m. in the Dining Hall.
  • Report at NAGAPRATHISHTA Mantapa in the outer quadrangle of the Kukke Sri Subrahmanya Temple after Pradakshina. Soon after midday MAHAPOOJA the Archaka concerned will conduct Nagaprathishta Partake PRASADAM.
  • Seva fee of ₹ 3,200.00 is inclusive of Dana Dakshina to Purohitha, Kriya Karthu, Brahmacharis and Godana. Hence if anybody insists or demands for extra payment, complaint can be lodged at the temple office.
  • Temple entry is forbidden on the first day of the seva.
  • Avoid unofficial advice. Temple administration is not responsible if devotees land in trouble by misinformation / disinformation.
  • For any clarification contact Temple Office only.
  • Info from.

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