Nadi Jyotish Palm Reading Prediction Details

Astrology is included as a part of the Vedas the sacred book of the Hindus.

It is one of the limbs of Veda, Vedanga

However Hinduism regards all mundane subjects including Astrology as belonging to Lower Knowledge, Aparavidya, while the Knowledge vof the Self is called the Real Knowledge, Para Vidya.

Yet Indian treatises on these practical subjects are very advanced and they stand the scrutiny of Modern Science.

There are different systems of Astrology, though the core remains the same.

On science of prediction India had deployed many systems like Bird reading Time, reading, Sign Reading Palmistry.

There is yet another system where the future and present is predicted with the help of one’s Thumb impression.

The system is Palm leaf Reading, which is in vogue in Tamil Nadu, India.

The thumb impression is checked with the Palm leaf manuscripts and if there is a match prediction is done.

The leaf may not be available for even weeks and one has to wait.

The text is in Tamil, in peculiar Poetic Form and it has to be interpreted.

These manuscripts are reported to have been fro the works of seven Rishis.
Agasthya (Agastya), Kaushik, Vyasar (Veda Vyasa), Brigu, Bohar, Vasishtha and Valmiki.

The original manuscripts were said to have been in Saraswathi Mahal Library, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu.

Most of them are reported to have been destroyed during the British Rule of India. Surviving manuscripts are found in Vaitheeswaran Koil Tamil Nadu.

They are preserved by some families.

There are various systems under this.

Shiva Nadi , Agastya Nadi….

Nadi in Tamil means ‘pulse’

As this system Predicts accurately it is called Nadi Sastra.

On the prediction side there are seven cantos that explain aspects of one’s life.

It also reveals past life.

General Kandam contains a general idea of future forecasts according to the 12 houses of the horoscope.
2) The second kandam is about family, education, eyes, money and Intuition.
) This Kandam speaks about the Brothers and Sisters, Relationships between them and self.
4) The 4th Kandam is about mother, land, house, vehicles, and Happiness.
5) This Kandam is related to your children. It also describes the reason for not having any baby, the future lifestyle of children etc.
6) This Kandam describes the troubles and hardships due to Disease, Debts Enemies, Litigations or Cases.
7) This Kandam is about first union or marriage and status of married life. It also contains hints of information such as the name of the future spouse, horoscope, age of marriage, and some characteristic features of the spouse.
8) This Kandam is about lifespan and longevity, accidents and dangers with indication of time and age during one’s lifetime.
9) This Kandam is about father, fortune, wealth, spirituality, visits to holy places, benefit from the preaching’s of guru and holy people, charitable deeds and social life.
10) This 10th kandam in Nadi Grandha is about career, job, profession and business, good and bad times in career. It also has future predictions about growth, prosperity or losses in one’s job or business.
11) This explains about second or further marriages and profits in business.
12) This Kandam is about expenditures, foreign visits, next birth and salvation (moksha).
Apart for the 12 Kandams mentioned above, Nadi Jyothisa also features 3 other separate kandams. They are
1) Shanti Kandam (Pariharam) – This Kandam is about past life or birth, bad and good deeds and a series of rituals that can reduce the effect of past bad deeds.
2) Deeksha Kandam – This explains about the methods of preparing the Mantra Raksha which has the power to protect one self from evil forces of jealous and envy.
3) Avushada Kandam – This Kandam is about medicines and prescription for those who suffer from chronic diseases.

As can be expected, there are a lot of impostors who claim to be Palm Leaf Readers.

Beware of them.

This article is meant to inform people of this subject.

I have found the system to be accurate.

Reference and Citation.

3 responses to “Nadi Jyotish Palm Reading Prediction Details”

  1. Only when the time is right for an individual, things will fall in place. Four years after I came to know about Nadi Jyotish, I got a reading done at Vaitheeswaran Koil . One should be lucky enough to find the right palm leaf reader and the right set of palm leaves. Concur with you , based on my experience with Shiv Nadi , I find the system is accurate to reasonably accurate varies with individuals. Difficult not to believe the readings. Compliment you for this educative post and cautioning your readers about imposters.


  2. My experience is that most Nadi Readers manage to read your past very accurately….they flounder when it comes to the future…my future readings were only 50% correct. Shri BV Raman too had similar experience..


    • True. I hold the view that future is always hidden, though one may get glimpses of it occasionally. Long time I heard from you. Hope you are fine. Regards


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