Nadi Jyotish Palm Reading Prediction Details

On science of prediction India had deployed many systems like Bird reading Time, reading, Sign Reading Palmistry. There is yet another system where the future  and present is predicted with the help of one's Thumb impression.

Moola Naskhatra Bad Misconception

Lord Rama was born in Punarvasu Nakshatra. Did he lead a carefree life? He went to forest at a very young age, his wife kidnapped,ostracised his wife, was not with his wife when his children were born! But Lord Krishna, He had a carefree life.

Sishumara of the Sun with the positions of the Stars that change.jpg.

First Nakshatra Ashvini,Moola or Krittika?

There seems to be some debate on which is the Nakshatra in Hindu system. Normally we take Aswini Nakshatra as the first Nakshatra and this is being followed every where among Hindu Households. But there are views that it might be Krittika, Moola , based on Vedic Astronomical calculations in the Atharva Veda.

Ravana Samhita Shiva Tandava Stotra By Ravana

In the process, these jokers forgot Ravana is described as a Brahmin. If this group hates anything more in Life, it is Brahmins. Thus they scored a self goal! RS Manohar,The Great Dramatist Tamil Nadu has ever seen, was conned by this misinformation and he produced Ilangeswaran, a Drama describing Ravana as A good Man. The flip side is Manohar was a Brahmin! He was reported to have invited Kanchi Periyavar to this drama as it was from an Epic and was well researched. Periyavar's reply was' "I do not know anything about Research. Ravana coveted other's wife. This one act has wiped out all His Punya and his Devotion to Shiva. I shall not attend and he did not.

How to Find an Auspicious Date/ Day.

Do not have both, one is likely to get confused. If you have your Horoscope ,it is fine or forget it. The above information is sufficient. In the Panchanga, Auspicious Days are marked, as Subha Muhurtangal. They are good for any function,but for Bhumsavana /Upanayana separate parameters are available, which I will explain. For Generally auspicious Days,like finding a Date for any new endeavor,joining duty etc. How to find Auspicious Dates other Dates mentioned in Subha Muhurthangal.